Fun, amazing, impressive, touching, life changing, awesome = Pink Impact 2013

DSCN0197 DSCN0198.1 DSCN0198

There were so many cool decorations everywhere, the place was transformed and so girly!  I had a wonderful time this year at Pink Impact, and it was even better getting to be with mom and Jennifer.  We rented a cute little VRBO right off Main Street in Grapevine and only had to drive about 10 minutes between the house and church.


[above photo courtesy of Gateway]

Of course, praise and worship was blow-my-mind amazing and I have a new favorite song, Oceans by Hillsong.  My favorite part of the lyrics are:

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders,
Let me walk upon the waters, wherever You would call me.

Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander.
And my faith will be made stronger,
In the presence of my Savior.

DSCN0179   7

[First photo mine, second photo courtesy of Gateway]

The dancers and drums were amazing.  It really blesses me how Gateway makes room for and honors artistic expression.  Everything was done with such excellence.

DSCN0167  DSCN0169

[Both photos mine]

This guy came out to some music and began to paint.  Then Amena Brown came out and began to narrarate with her poetry, it was so cool.

DSCN0174 DSCN0172 2

[First two images mine, last image courtesy of Gateway]

Debbie Morris made it after many delays, we were all so glad to see her!  She is so kind and humble and genuine.  Christine Caine was awesome, and her work with A21 to end modern day slavery is so amazing.




We were so blessed by Jennifer Wampler coming down and making time to join us.  What a precious time we had talking until late at night, shopping, eating at fun restaurants, and being ministered to together at Pink Impact.  MAJOR thanks to my sweet husband and Jennifer’s also for making it possible for us mommies to get away.  We were richly blessed and deeply ministered to and had mucho fun!

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PINK IMPACT!!!!!!!!!!! 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m so excited!  I’m mostly packed and about to head out to Pink Impact 2013!!!!  This is something that I think any Christian woman would LOVE and be so totally ministered to all at the same time.  I watched the DVDs two years ago, attended last year, and get to go again this year!  Mom found a great VRBO property so we can stay nearby and attend all the meetings.  I am so pumped.  This is available to every church also!  This year they opened it up to stream to ANY church!!!  If you think your ladies ministry would love to be a part of this next year just get in contact with the women’s ministry at Gateway, it’s that easy!

Bonus, Mom and I get to hang out with this gorgeous lady!  The Wamplers are and always have been one of our very favorite families.  What a blessing to know them!


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Welcome week 14, welcome. [second trimester for those who haven’t been preggo in a while]

My relief is palpable, to myself anyway, these days.  Today I was able to clean up the post weekend crapfest that our house becomes AND THEN make a Costco run!  That is something I’ve been looking forward to for a while.  Collapsing after doing something difficult like making a sandwich [for myself] almost felt like the new normal.  Thankfully after spending several weeks just laying on the bed the majority of the day, the blessed second trimester has arrived!!!  All day every day nausea that keeps you bedridden is exhausting, oddly enough.  I’m not really excited at the thought of becoming whale sized again.  However, I am trusting God each day for the season I am in.  Pregnancy as a whole is so much work that I find it best to keep my mind in the day that I’m living.  Now, I can’t whine too much because early pregnancy [as in not the third trimester] brings with it the joyous ability to have a milkshake and fries here and there without blowing up the scales!  Whee!  I am at least giving a NOD to not making awful habits now though because too much indulgence leads to a rough third trimester if you get used to eating whatever whenever.

I think the thing I actually struggle with most is knowing my limits.  I know I’ve met, exceeded, and gone WAAAAYYYY beyond when I find myself hollering at the children because I lost my patience.  This is the hardest part of pregnancy.  I want to show love and grace to my family and not turn into a monster for nine months.  Preg-zilla anyone?  Yeah, that has easily been me.  Pastor Robert’s message yesterday was like healing balm to my heart.  Jesus is not condemning.  John 3:17 – [summary] for God did not send His Son into the world to condem the world, Romans 8 – [summary] there is NO condemnation for those in Christ Jesus, Romans – [somewhere, summary] God has declared us not guilty, John 16:8 – [summary] the Holy Spirit convicts us of righteousness!!!!  I remind myself of these when I fail, which while I am pregnant is daily, sometimes hourly.  So, really this is a nine month lesson in heart humility.  I love basking in the knowledge that God loves me in my weakness, even then.  The lyrics to “O The Blood” heal my heart every time.  “Grace, How can it be, That in my sin, Yes even then, He shed His blood for me.  The lyrics to “Oh How He Loves Me” come to mind, and I love the line, “I don’t have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way He loves me.”



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Baby #5 is on the way!


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‘Tis the season


Soccer has returned!  And somehow I roped myself into it…  It is a head scratcher to be sure, but I’m having fun.  Coaching is such a blast.  I love working with the girls, practicing, running drills, devotional time, scrimmages, and game time.  Devotional time was really special this week as we spoke on gratitude.  It was so easy to work in how we can always be grateful because our sins are forgiven.  It was really special to talk to a group of girls about that just before Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  I am coaching Jessie’s team this year.  We are the Lady Warriors, girls grades 1 through 3.  Our first game is this Saturday [tomorrow morning!] and it cracks me up that I am nervous for our team, for my girls.  I want to win!  Of course, so does everyone out there.  🙂  Our whole family has so much fun being involved in soccer, it is a high reward activity.  I’m so thankful for my mom and dad who watch Madelyn during practice time to help dial down the crazy [which Madelyn brings everywhere she goes].


Check out all these amazing children!!!!  We had so many eggs hidden and laying around in the grass and there were no bad manners the entire time!  Too adorable for words.  Little Mary being the youngest [one year old] found one egg and was pretty much content to hang out with that one the rest of the time.  Once we released the toddlers they were off and going!  They did a great job of keeping their eyes to the ground and nabbing all the easy ones.  Their baskets were packed!  The next group to go were the 4 & 5 year olds, then the younger grades and last of all our junior highers!  Can you believe Kathryn and Matthew are in junior high???  It still weirds me out.  It was so fun watching them all run around, and especially the eggs placed to challenge the older kids.  These kids all ended up with waaaayyyyy too much candy, plenty of fun, and a great family day all around.

DSC_3805   DSC_3826   DSC_3841   DSC_3843

DSC_3746   DSC_3736   DSC_3752


Working hard for it!

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Winter, we barely knew ye


My kids were so excited about the little snows this year!  It is amazing how much fun kids can have when you can still see the grass.  🙂  I’m glad Spring is here, and loving the few days where it actually behaves the way Spring should in my opinion.  I am loving the 60-70 degree weather in between random classic Texan cold snaps.  I love knowing that the further we creep toward April the more warm temperatures we’ll see.   And soon bathing suit weather and all things summer will be here!  I’m no fan of oppressive heat, but I am officially finished doing long-sleeve laundry.  You moms know what I’m talking about!  Madelyn is a mess!  Let’s face it, they all are except Kathryn.  So, good bye fun and random snow from winter and hello random pockets of lovely Spring weather!

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This is from a friend’s blog. It is so powerful.



I call her Beauty

8 Feb

I have a beautiful daughter.

Any of you who know me personally are nodding your heads. You know what we went through to have her. She is precious. She is adored. She is priceless.

She has many nicknames, our Victoria, Tori, V, Tori-saurus (like a dinosaur), Sugarbear, Pumpkin, Punkers, Chubbette (for the cheeks), and many more common ones like sweetie and honey. But the name I call her more than any other is Beauty.

“Hello, my Beauty” I say to her when I go in to pick her up from her crib.

“Oh, that’s my Beauty!” I say when she does something precious.

“I’m so proud of you, Beauty” I say when she does something new and my heart wants to burst.

A little while ago I walked over to get her up from her nap and I greeted her as usual, calling her Beauty and all of a sudden I saw so clearly. This is what God said.

I have a beautiful daughter.

All of the angels are nodding their heads. They know what I went through to have her. She is precious. She is adored. She is priceless.

She has many nicknames. But the name I call her more than any other is Beauty.

“Hello, my Beauty” I say to her when I go to pick her up.

“Oh, that’s my Beauty!” I say when she does something precious.

“I’m so proud of you, Beauty” I say when she does something new and my heart wants to burst.”

So I guess I just wanted to say to you real quick,

Hello Beauty.

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Life circa January 2012-ish

New year, time to update!  I’m finding bullet points to be pleasant on my mom-addled brain lately, so I shall soon digress to that.  I have completely gone off book today and decided to update the blog look and add a new post and hopefully keep adding.  My goal is once a month-ish.  Ha ha, we’ll see.  This year I have lots of exciting things planned.  I have decided to focus on my top priorities which are:

  • Keepin’ the love alive – Aaron is the best thing that ever happened to me 
  • Loving the kids on purpose. [inspirition from the book by Danny Silk]
  • I want Ephesians 4:32 to become a part of who I am
  • Cooking more
  • Getting healthy – working out, detoxing my life
  • Living life to the fullest as sleep deprivation slowly but surely becomes a thing of the past.  Again.  hahaha
  • Keep home school both a priority and balanced.  Whew.
  • Take more pictures with my awesome Nikon D300s.
  • Titus 2 & prayer group & Life group

This is probably what the bulk of my posts will be about, and I’m thinking that is an abundance of topics!  Those are things I can go on and on about.  I’ll be making my own lotion soon, and I want to blog about that and all my new health endeavors.  Currently I am doing the Wii Sports EA Active for a workout four times a week as a start, and it’s kicking my rear.  I am wanting to make all kinds of changes little by little for a healthier family detoxing a little at a time.  I am so thankful that Madelyn is one year old now.  Aaron and I agree that the first year for any baby is “survival mode” for the parents.  I am glad to start seeing the end of this stage.  Currently it is only the teething that makes life [and sleep!] a challenge.  I don’t really mind the constant re-arranging of all our things in the house because she is becoming more and more able to self entertain.  Yay!  Now I’m thinking that soccer starts up again in a couple of months.  Whew!

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My my my my… how life has changed

You know, I bet a lot of people say this, but I really reflect and cannot believe how my life has gone.  If someone would have been able to tell me all of this on my wedding day I would have thought them crazy.  It is now May 2011 and I am just now getting my thoughts together again.  Madelyn is beyond awesome and so are my kiddos who ALWAYS love helping with her.  Does it sound like a utopia?  It practically is.  We are all so in love with Madelyn.  There are normal baby struggles, etc, but having a baby with older children to help and to love is simply divine.

Here is one of the best pics from Easter 2011.  I am SO excited to have a picture this good of all three.  I just  LOOOOOOOVE Madelyn’s smile!  She is such a sweetie pie.

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The Madelyn saga continues…

Well, Madelyn was due Wednesday and now it is Saturday and still no labor!  Thats okay, I am choosing to be okay with it especially since my babies tend to come after their due date.  It would have been a really fun surprise to have her on time or early though!  Thanksgiving was so fun this year and I was very thankful to be able to participate.  Really, there are several memories I would have had to pass up if Madelyn had come already.  For instance, yesterday morning’s pumpkin pancakes.  Mmmmm!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, those were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  Also, it was lots of fun to go pick out a completely gorgeous Christmas tree @ Hillman Outdoor Living with the kids and Haygood kids.

I will post pictures of our gorgeous tree soon!  Yesterday we decorated this house for Christmas faster than I ever dreamed and most of the boxes are already back in the attic!  I do have the MOST amazing husband of course, he is completely dedicated and always has been to making my pregnancies as pleasant as possible.  I could never rave about him enough, he is beyond perfect.

So, I have been waking up anywhere between 5am and 7am completely awake.  I have tried many things to make this work to my advantage somehow but consistency at the end of this pregnancy is ever elusive.  I am loving the things I have time to do and the memories made since Madelyn hasn’t been born, but I am ready to get on with life!!!!!!!!!!!  Either way, life is good and I am working to keep my mind stayed on that.

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