What I see…. -part 1


I love this boy.  Many times when I watch him while he sleeps or is nursing, I see the faces of others.  I see my Mom, coming in while I was in labor dangerously early to save the day.  I see my Aunt Miriam who came quickly with serious help in time of great need.  There is a long line of faces that come to me in these quiet, reflective times.  My family swept into help in extreme ways, and my Heavenly Father poured out on us the entire time, protecting us, loving on us, and providing for us.  My heart is already in my throat again as memories come into my brain, one upon the other.  I have been wanting to blog about it for awhile, and life is settling down, so now is the time while it is still fresh.  I’m still working out in my mind exactly what to say and what is simply “tmi” so it seems easier to write this in installments.  For now, I’ll stop with this short intro, and this picture below that will always mean everything to me.

Psalm 22.10

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One thought on “What I see…. -part 1

  1. seraph03

    Even though I have heard this miracle story, I am so excited about part 2 of this blog… 😉

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