Feeling blah… needing a good workout… found one!


So, I’m really excited about this workout!  Who doesn’t have ten minutes right?  Especially when pregnant, that may be all my body has to give.   I have noticed though that if I do nothing I am full of aches and pains by the end of the journey, so once I’m able I really really try to force myself to do SOMETHING.  So, I’m thinking in 10 minute increments, this is do-able.  Plus BONUS, the lady leading the exercise is great, and huge pregnant!  Yay!  I also just ordered a kettlebell prenatal workout dvd along with my first kettlebell.  *feeling nervous*  I’ll write about that after I try it out.  Yesterday was my first try with the 10 minute solutions, and I think it is great!  Plus, these are workouts you could do after baby comes to gently get your body back into shape.  I really detest how weak I feel after giving birth.  I don’t mean directly after, I mean in the next month or two.  I do plan on resting and recouping, don’t worry, I just hate that feeling of inability.  So, I’m looking forward to these dvds being do-able solutions!

side note: the bonus workout on this prenatal 10 minute solutions seems to be done by an insane woman.  It is not likely that I will every try it.  I think she’s on crack maybe. 😉

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