Medieval Fun!


I remember now why I don’t like loading photos onto the blog and why Facebook is so superior.  This blog is on a constant and regular basis unable to load photos without errors or just simply taking eons of time.  While I have several really great photos from this party, as a busy pregnant mom this is all I can bear to use for the blog.  The kids had such a fun time of feasting and playing at my mother-in-laws house this past Sunday.  Most folks were dressed up and we all had a ball.  Caleb is so serious here because it was part of his “character.”  Haha.  Too cute.

It was so neat, there was a stone backdrop on the house, medieval music, treasure [which Madelyn LOVED], tons of food, and fun activities for the kids.  Caleb was thrilled to be allowed to use his archery set all day long and was probably the most he has gotten to play with it since receiving it for Christmas [our backyard is the size of a postage stamp, or so it seems].  At one point there was a quest for the kids to go on and solve riddles, one of which involved what looked like a really awesome paper mache dragon.  WAY cool.  All in all, we had huge amounts of fun, waaaayyyy too much food, and a great time with the kids.

**EDIT** I’ve had some rest and a snack and it is another day… I must load some more pictures of this amazing party!!!!


The girls and the treasure!


Gorgeous potted decorations… though I question whether any flower arrangements were this pretty back then  😉


A dashing young knight poses heroically in front of ye questing map


Oh my.  He is just melt your heart precious with that smile!


So, I may be biased, but I think this archer is the handsomest 😉


And now, their fierce side!


This child was gathering [read: hoarding] the treasure as fast as she could put it all on and carry it away

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5 thoughts on “Medieval Fun!

  1. seraph03

    “way too much food…” The sign of a good get together! 😉 At least for us Halls! I agree, great party – over the top fun all the way around! And at next year’s party there will be another little one to be ooohed and awwwed over….yea!

  2. bethany

    Awww…sooo fun.These pics are awesome!!! No pic of the dragon?? Just kidding…i know pics and blogging can be a pain. I use a wordpress app on my phone and tablet and it does great…super easy but i am not sure how that works with a .wordpress blog ? Pr9bably not the same.

    • sarahhall

      How did you know about the dragon? Do you have internet cams set up over there? lol Yes, pics and blogging ARE a pain, but I made sure to be patient in advance and do one at a time today. Whew! It can get to me really quickly, especially while pregnant.

  3. I love your pictures, Sarah! They’re always so beautiful! I especially love the one of Caleb resting his head on his hand. GREAT shot.
    On a side note, how on earth did Beth post in the future? That’s just impressive! 😉

    • sarahhall

      Beth is a ninja like that… 😉 Yeah, the funny part is just before that shot [Aaron took it] Caleb was whining about being hungry and not getting to eat yet. Aaron took about three shots previously while he teased Caleb about what a hard life he has as an archer, and as you can see Caleb took it in stride.

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