‘Tis the season


Soccer has returned!  And somehow I roped myself into it…  It is a head scratcher to be sure, but I’m having fun.  Coaching is such a blast.  I love working with the girls, practicing, running drills, devotional time, scrimmages, and game time.  Devotional time was really special this week as we spoke on gratitude.  It was so easy to work in how we can always be grateful because our sins are forgiven.  It was really special to talk to a group of girls about that just before Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  I am coaching Jessie’s team this year.  We are the Lady Warriors, girls grades 1 through 3.  Our first game is this Saturday [tomorrow morning!] and it cracks me up that I am nervous for our team, for my girls.  I want to win!  Of course, so does everyone out there.  🙂  Our whole family has so much fun being involved in soccer, it is a high reward activity.  I’m so thankful for my mom and dad who watch Madelyn during practice time to help dial down the crazy [which Madelyn brings everywhere she goes].


Check out all these amazing children!!!!  We had so many eggs hidden and laying around in the grass and there were no bad manners the entire time!  Too adorable for words.  Little Mary being the youngest [one year old] found one egg and was pretty much content to hang out with that one the rest of the time.  Once we released the toddlers they were off and going!  They did a great job of keeping their eyes to the ground and nabbing all the easy ones.  Their baskets were packed!  The next group to go were the 4 & 5 year olds, then the younger grades and last of all our junior highers!  Can you believe Kathryn and Matthew are in junior high???  It still weirds me out.  It was so fun watching them all run around, and especially the eggs placed to challenge the older kids.  These kids all ended up with waaaayyyyy too much candy, plenty of fun, and a great family day all around.

DSC_3805   DSC_3826   DSC_3841   DSC_3843

DSC_3746   DSC_3736   DSC_3752


Working hard for it!

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3 thoughts on “‘Tis the season

  1. Miriam

    You are so right about all the kiddo’s being so well behaved, they all had such a nice time. What a fun day!

  2. Beth

    I like Aaron’s pointy finger! He means business….

    • Haha, yeah, Madelyn was in the middle of a fit right then and Aaron was explaining the concept of getting in line and staying in line. A noble attempt when the little one is two years old. 😉

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