The Madelyn saga continues…

Well, Madelyn was due Wednesday and now it is Saturday and still no labor!  Thats okay, I am choosing to be okay with it especially since my babies tend to come after their due date.  It would have been a really fun surprise to have her on time or early though!  Thanksgiving was so fun this year and I was very thankful to be able to participate.  Really, there are several memories I would have had to pass up if Madelyn had come already.  For instance, yesterday morning’s pumpkin pancakes.  Mmmmm!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, those were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  Also, it was lots of fun to go pick out a completely gorgeous Christmas tree @ Hillman Outdoor Living with the kids and Haygood kids.

I will post pictures of our gorgeous tree soon!  Yesterday we decorated this house for Christmas faster than I ever dreamed and most of the boxes are already back in the attic!  I do have the MOST amazing husband of course, he is completely dedicated and always has been to making my pregnancies as pleasant as possible.  I could never rave about him enough, he is beyond perfect.

So, I have been waking up anywhere between 5am and 7am completely awake.  I have tried many things to make this work to my advantage somehow but consistency at the end of this pregnancy is ever elusive.  I am loving the things I have time to do and the memories made since Madelyn hasn’t been born, but I am ready to get on with life!!!!!!!!!!!  Either way, life is good and I am working to keep my mind stayed on that.

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2 thoughts on “The Madelyn saga continues…

  1. I’m just proud of you for keeping up (somewhat) with the blog!!! I wanna see pics of your house! Royce and I are gonna sit down tomorrow afternoon and list out what all needs to happen here (in this house) and start pushing through the To Repair/Renovate list. First thing … book cases for the school room. It’s OUT OF CONTROL!!! We’re going to build them on the wall – I think they are gonna look amazing. Keep fingers crossed.

    I can’t wait to meet Madelyn when we come up in December. I bet she’s gonna be the cutest thing ever and probably will make me want to have another one. The kids have been asking if we can have “another set of kids to play with.” SET?!?!?!?!!!!! I almost passed out. Think: Adoption.

  2. *burst out laughing at the “set” idea* Your kids are hilarious!!!! I can’t wait to have y’all over in December!!!!

    Good luck on your renovations. I look forward to getting back to it in January-ish around here [texturing the walls, painting]

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