I witnessed the MOST adorable thing today

Caleb is nearing the end of soccer season with Upward and it has been great fun.  Today we played a team that has stomped us without shame three times now.  The most adorable thing about children is how much fun they are having and how unaware they are of their parents desire to WIN!  Most everyone in this league is pretty calm and good natured but there is always that inward parental desire to watch your kid go out and dominate the field.

All that aside, at the end they always line up to slap hands and say “good game” a hundred times or so.  They did the line and then circled back again and did it again which cracked me up.  When it got downright funny and adorable was when on the third time around it just turned into a mass of jerseys laughing, part roughhousing and a few “good game” statements still interspersed.  How completely adorable.  Both teams were messing around with each other, both completely unaware that one ridiculously stomped the other.  I wished I had those moments of utter childhood innocence recorded.  It made me laugh and tear up at the  same time.  Kids are great.

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