Here is an adorable picture my sis took of my kids and her oldest son, Luke.  It was during the second snow.  The kids had such a blast playing, making snow angels, eating snow from the sky [obviously], and throwing wanna be snowballs @ each other.  Kids are so fun to watch.  I was not envious of their wet clothes when they were finished!

Wow have we ever had drama at school today.  My administrator really excels at cutting to the heart of the matter and dealing with it.  I shoveled it all to her and she completely handled it!  That was so nice.

I finished my modules!  YAY!!!!  Now I just have to pass the online practice PPR, then pass the real PPR and I’m all finished with certification!!!  Yeeha!

As with every season after Christmas it is time to assess weight gain.  I lost a beautiful 7 pounds during the first part of the teaching year.  During Christmas I QUICKLY put on two pounds.  UGH.  It doesn’t sound like much until you consider that it is a pound per week!  I started to notice my pants fitting not so loose anymore.  Depressing.  Well, the good news is that I am managing my time better and able to start incorporating some sort of workout at least twice a week!  We’ll see if that doesn’t knock that out.

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One thought on “Randomness…

  1. Wow. I’m just now seeing this.

    I’ve been a bad blog-friend.

    I’m so sorry.

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