My knee

Well, I wouldn’t start the New Year off right if I didn’t give credit where credit is due.  I know there are those out there who do not believe that God heals today but I am a living testimony that He does!  My left knee has been deteriorating since last June [actually before that] when I finally made a Doctor appointment to get it checked out.  He decided based on his exam and a line of questioning about my knee that it was some type of ligament displacement that would most likely be fixed by a series of daily stretches.  I wish I could say I promptly went home and started but I was still naively hoping it would just go away.  About a month later when I finally accepted that it wasn’t going to change I gave the papers and their stretches a serious reading.  I was bummed to discover that most of them I was already familiar with and had been doing both pre and post exercise routine since high school.  I tried them for a while anyway but it didn’t work.  At my appointment the Doctor had instructed me to do these for a few months for results, but I just felt discouraged since I had already been doing them since high school.  So, I decided I needed to start speaking the Word of God and believing for my knee to manifest healing.  Shortly thereafter school started and pretty much everything was shelved as I was just glad to make it through each day and survive to the next.

On December the 28th I had lunch with my brother David who is an evangelist and has spent a great deal of his time building his faith for manifest healing.  I asked him to pray for me and he did.  I strongly felt the presence of God, which is saying a lot since my three children were in the suburban also.  They were watching cartoons and still being loud!  Anyway, after he prayed he asked me to test it, and so I did.  I got out of the car and squatted down and it hurt so badly [just as before] that I could not stand up using the left leg at all.  I had to use entirely my right leg and my hands on the truck to push me back up.  I forgot to mention the description of my symptoms, and that was one of them, a worsening ability to squat and then stand back up.  I was beginning to worry about having surgery before God healed me.  Also my other symptom was that when I sat on the bed at night to read, I would usually tuck one leg up against me, similar to Indian style [to keep my feet warm 🙂 ].  It hurt dreadfully bad to do that and was only getting worse, to where it would make me involuntarily cry out in pain.

Well, after being prayed for I stayed in faith knowing that as far along as I am in my Christian walk that God probably expected me to use my own faith and continue to speak the Word of God.  Thursday night I was reading in bed and at 11:40pm I moved my left leg out of the Indian style position.  I didn’t even realize that I had been sitting that way!   And I don’t even know for how long!!!!  So I tried it again and moved it in and out of that position.  NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m telling you the pain was getting very bad before this.  So I got all excited and got off the bed to try some squats.  Meanwhile Aaron sitting next to me has noticed my commotion and is looking at me like what on earth is all this about?!  I squatted several times and was too excited to explain myself other than saying, “No pain!!!  IT DOESN’T HURT!!!!  NO pain!!!!!” over and over.  Finally I calmed down and explained the backstory to him.  I tried to call David immediately but apparently he left his cell phone at my parents.  I was able to call him the next morning and relay the entire story.

Praise God!!!  My knee is completely whole!!!!!!!!  NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!  YOU bore my sins and carried my diseases and by YOUR stripes we were healed!!!!!!!  HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 thoughts on “My knee

  1. Sarah,

    First – That is REALLY awesome!! I totally believe in God healing people today. I hope the pain stays away. You should go have it examined by the Dr. again just for fun! Our A/C repair guy was supernaturally healed and he has xrays that prove it. When he showed me the before/after images that were taken just days apart I literally had chills. God is so amazing! I’m so happy for you! Being Pain Free is great!

    Second, the symptoms are interesting. I have some similar problem w/my left knee. Though not debilitating, I can relate to some of the symptoms. Mine stem from hip asymmetry, but basically has to do with the tendons, etc. So that’s just interesting to me but probably isn’t to anyone else!

  2. PS … I love your blog header!! 🙂

  3. sarahhall

    I think that is really interesting too! I’m not sure if the Doctor visit would prove quite as gratifying b/c there was no real way for him to identify the problem definitively to begin with. He mostly asked me questions and poked around on my knee and had me bend it different ways and ask more questions. It seemed that he mostly diagnosed me based on my responses b/c there wasn’t much to analyze on the physical end of things. I would be very curious to know the root cause b/c I don’t ever want to be foolish and actually BE the root cause! 🙂

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