Accomplishments of 2009.

Well, in an effort to make my list a little longer for a great start, I will list my major accomplishments from 2009.  My student discount from being a recent college graduate expired in June of 2009.  While that isn’t actually an accomplishment all the discounts I scored while having it were!  I used my discount for my mac computer, the software, movie tickets, and strangely enough at Ulta.  It was enjoyable and lasted me halfway into 2009.  Now we are currently getting a discount on our insurance via my teaching certificate!  I guess getting discounts and bargains feel like accomplishments to me.

I think my biggest accomplishment was stepping out by faith to get my teaching certificate via Texas Teachers this summer.  I really just wanted to, and it felt like the kind of ‘want to’ when the Holy Spirit has put it in you.  It is so cool because I did it with no job and according to the private school I now work at there were no openings either.  I was hired on the last day of my two week face to face pedagogy summer training class with Texas teachers.  Ha ha!   Boy, did I have NO IDEA what that meant!!!!!  I had NO IDEA what kind of roller coaster I was in for!!!!!!  Oh, the lessons I have learned since then.  So, that is my major accomplishment for 2009 although really the Holy Spirit gets all the credit and I’m not even meaning to be ‘all spiritual’ about it.

We have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas this December with no debt!  Each year we pull this off but it seems no less a wondrous miracle to me.  Our time with family and friends doubled at least from last year as we also entertained out of town friends.  How fun it was to have the Walston’s in and also the Canfax’s.  We also entertained in town friends, the Cope’s!  For anyone who knows us this is major.  We have nothing against entertaining but the lazy side of us would rather just hire a sitter and meet our friends at the restaurant.  This year it was much more fun for us and our children to have our friends over to the house and just hang out and have fun.

This year has been fun and hard in many ways.  Some friendships have sadly subsided a little while others have been restored!  It is amazing what God can do as we all get older and wiser and more mature.  What I mean to say is that my lack of ability to get along with some people was due to my own lack of maturity and I guess I am unintentionally bragging on myself for growing up this year.  The sad part is that the more I grow up the more I can see how far I have come [yay!] and how FAR I have to go :(.  Nevertheless, I count growing as a person to be an accomplishment.

I wish I could say that my children really improved their swimming or bike riding skills but our summer literally evaporated right before my eyes with my enrollment in the teaching courses and then our family vacation.  We had huge amounts of fun on vacation of course, but my noble goal of having proficient bike riding children went right down the toilet as I became completely unmotivated in the heat of August.  Ha!  Oh well.  There is always this coming summer and the hope that they will be better and less whiney simply because of being a little older.

Oddly, I know there has been so much more accomplished this year but that is all that really comes to mind, at least for myself.  I would list photography as doing well, because it is, but I have had to put it a little on the back burner with school dominating the picture for the time being.  I do look forward to doing more families, babies, occasional weddings, and high school seniors.

On a separate note we have had a WONDERFUL first day of the year!  We had a blast having Phillip and Sally over and their cute boys.  We played Beatles Rock Band, ate pizza, talked and laughed.  They are great fun and their boys are well trained and fun to be with.  I look forward to more fun memories with them in 2010.

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One thought on “Accomplishments of 2009.

  1. Graduating college, getting your teacher certification, and getting a job are MAJOR accomplishments. You should be UBER-proud of yourself.

    And maximizing the student discount w/the college ID card is also super awesome. I’m loving mine. 🙂

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