Ugh… the work is just PILED on!!!

I am currently knee deep in teaching modules and sub-modules that are due by January 21st.  I have been too crazy busy to attend to them and now I fear I am in over my head!  I will get it done, it just stinks that it is bogarting ALL my free time!  Thats okay, I figure if I can just survive this first year of teaching, things will start to settle down.  I think I am going to copy Sarah Walston and make an accomplishment list at the end of every month.  That is a great way to be positive and not feel some looming self inflicted deadline over my head.  I suppose my first post on that will be tomorrow!

Today I am debating on whether to go up to my classroom and arrange the desks in the new seating order.  My other thought is to have the students do it…  I think I am leaning toward staying home, but then how can I make an excuse to have Chick-Fil-A for lunch? ha ha

Aaron comes home today!  He got stuck in stupid Alabama [no offense, I just wanted him home] last night because of this weenie snow here in town.  Of all the days to snow…  Oh well, the kids enjoyed it.  🙂

I am mostly through the ENORMOUS taking-on-a-life-of-its-own laundry pile, and the dishes are mostly clean too.  It is amazing what you can get accomplished on Christmas break!  But more on my official list tomorrow.

I’ll post some Christmas pictures soon.  I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t take any.  That should just show you how run down/busy/overwhelmed I have been since August 24th.  I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though.  You know what is a little disconcerting?  I have somehow scheduled TWO weddings to shoot in the month of May.  What was I thinking???  I know it will be fun, but trying to do that while wrapping up school is a little intimidating.  If there is one skill I am learning to master this year it is ‘crossing that bridge when I come to it.’  As per the teaching modules… I am definitely having to cross that bridge now!

Here are a few pictures from my most recent wedding shoot:

Ashley and Robby Sprosty truly were a fun and wonderful couple, I wish them the very best!

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3 thoughts on “Ugh… the work is just PILED on!!!

  1. girl!!! i have just been overwhelmed with getting ONE curriculum guide done! i just finished it…and it took all of 15 min.! GEEZ! Now how many more to go???? Oh wait….about 7!!! At least!!! What are these modules? Should I know about them? Oh Lord…. 🙂

    Make your kids do the chairs! Mine will be!

    And…I cannot wait to get back to school on Monday…ONLY so that we can be friends again!

  2. sarahhall

    Ummm… I haven’t even started my curriculum guides! These modules are for the certification program. 😦

    I decided to have the kids move all the desks, it will be more entertaining that way.

    Yeah, Monday will be fun b/c you make it fun!

  3. Sarah – I feel your pain… But the wedding photos are AWESOME!!!

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