What it be like

I enjoy having this blog still, and I don’t want to give up on it yet but Facebook is sucking the life right out of it.  I think I will post here every once in a while b/c it seems like eventually everyone will get tired of facebook and move on to somewhere else.  I have noticed things like facebook are so fun for a while, then they just peter out.  Aaron and I think it is b/c they don’t plan ahead for growth.  Then the system gets slow.  Then that makes it boring.  To me, that is the story of myspace in a nutshell.

I have finally caught up on all my photo editing!  I am learning new tricks of the trade all the time that are so helpful in expediting this side of the photography business.  On that note, the more time goes on the more I can understand why prices are so high on the great photographers.  Its b/c they have mega awesome equipment and do a boatload of work on the pictures!  I am trying to learn how to balance what I can/should give out for my price point verses getting in all the new business I can for my startup year.

The kids are all doing good.  Kathryn is at Calvary and loving it.  I am homeschooling Caleb and finding him much easier to deal with than Kathryn.  She like to pick random hills to die on.  I don’t want to die on any of them.  The battles can get epic.  Currently they are  playing the Wii as we just got back from the YMCA and I need to fix lunch.  Life always is so great, but also has that constantness about it.  It really is just one thing after another as the kids get older.  In some ways I love it and in some ways it has a hardness to it that I am finding ‘hard’ to deal with. ha ha.

Well, I am hungry and not sure anyone reads this anymore anyway.  Time to go fix lunch.

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5 thoughts on “What it be like

  1. Claire

    I feel all warm and fuzzy inside finding a new post on here! I should have never talked you into getting a facebook account…

  2. I kind of have been feeling the same way about Facebook. I think it will eventually become not so cool – but I have enjoyed learning how to navigate it and have made some really great connections that have been … crucial… really for this latest chapter in the Sarah-saga. 🙂

    I am going to be getting back to blogging though. I miss having all my family stuff archived on my blog – even though importing photos is still a pain in the behind. I’m really hoping WordPress figures out how to make it a little easier….

  3. BTW – I totally understand about the constancy of life with the kids – and the hardness of it. On many levels. I have really come to some hard conclusions about my role as mother in the home – which are actually seemingly juxtaposed to what I thought made a Godly Mother before. It’s been a process – for sure – and one I’m glad I’ve gone through.

    But your description of Kathryn and home schooling reminds me of Adri and home schooling. Amazingly, now that he’s 12, he’s SO much easier to school. But the 9 yr old is horrible!! He’ll never be home schooled – he is way too social. I think – eventually – when I’m finished with college – I’ll home school the oldest and the youngest. But the middle two are going to be in school forever. Home schooling is just NOT a good fit for ALL of us ALL the time. And I need *adult* time.

  4. sarahhall

    “Home schooling is just NOT a good fit for ALL of us ALL the time.”

    Well said, Sarah.

  5. Jennifer Arbo

    I feel the same way, sometimes about life…always something new, but equally hard to deal withm but that’s the way it goes, I guess. And yeah, I had been thinking about homeschooling and I do NOT think Alizée has the right personality for it. Very social and loves to find everything and anything she can fight me on…Ahhhh the joys of parenting!

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