Things I love Tuesday…

1.) Funny kid stories…

So last night Jessie was terrified of the thunder.  Aaron spent a considerable amount of time calming her down so that she would even lay in her room alone with the lights all on.  So, as he is trying to exit the room she says to him in a cute/pleading voice, “But daddy ‘The rains come down and the floods come up’.” Complete with hand motions and all.  Who knew a song about the wise man building his house upon the rock could be used in such a way???? Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

2.) Successful Christmas and birthday shopping

3.)  Canadian sisters-in-law who DON’T fly to Canada for a month…  you know who you are….

4.)  Cute little nephews who scream [in the carseat] like they’ve got hot pokers behind shoved into them and in less than one minute are so asleep they are half bent over.

5.)  My husband having Wednesday off!

6.)  Getting my graduation letter in the mail from Thomas Edison State College.  My diploma will be mailed in the second week of December!!!!!!!!  Thank you Sarah Walston!!!!!

7.)  Glorious naptime

8.) Chipotle

9.)  My sometimes crazy and hilarious but always lovable parents

10.)  Blintz’s at Claire’s this coming Thursday.  EVERYONE should be jealous of that one, I’m drooling on myself right now just thinking about it….  [picture the Homer Simpson drool]

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2 thoughts on “Things I love Tuesday…

  1. Chipotle too??? I LOVE Chipotle grill!

    Can’t wait to see a photo of the diploma! I’m 24 months and $20,000 away from mine!! HAHAHAHAHA But soon, soon, soon I’ll be in massive debt again and forced to pay it all back!! I guess I’ll have to get a job!

    I can’t wait!! 🙂

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