Truck given to Proclaim Liberty. October 22, 2008

For the complete set of pictures visit the album section of TreeOutside Photography.

Here are a few of my favorites from the dedication ceremony of a customized GMC truck given to Proclaim Liberty by Century Trucks and Vans.


The Liberty Bell and the Ten Commandments display, demonstrating that moral law is the foundation of freedom.

Patriot Guard motorcycles.  These brave folks ride to funerals to protect those involved from harassment and/or protest.

The Liberty Bell truck was named the Sgt. William Crow to honor his service and ultimate sacrifice to our country.  This is his family.

Patriot Guard flags.

Ethan Hall, enjoying the event three year old style.

Patriot Guard riders during the dedication ceremony.

Their vests and jackets were very interesting, I can just imagine the stories they tell.

David Hall, showing off the keys to the Sgt. William Crow.

Unveiling the Sgt. William Crow.

David Hall and Daniel Adams of Century Trucks and Vans.

Phyllis Hall, David Hall and Daniel Adams in front of the new Liberty Bell truck.

Cute kid photos afterwards.  Anna and Jessie on the Grapevine train station platform.

Caleb Hall.

Truck details.

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