Things I love Tuesday

Always on the top ‘o’ the list…  Taco Tuesday at Rosa’s.  Perhaps that is why I like to write about positive things on Tuesdays?

I love that First United Methodist in downtown Fort Worth, the YWCA, 1st Presbyterian downtown, Broadway Baptist, Weddings on the Boulevard and Texas Bridal Dreams let me drop off look books and business cards as well.  The picture below is of one of Fort Worth’s prettiest churches, 1st United Methodist downtown.

I love cute sleeping pictures of my kids.

I love adorable cousins sitting next to each other peacefully playing Magna Doodle.

I loved sleeping in this morning and waking up to these adorable children building houses for their cars with wooden blocks.

I love watching to see what kind of games the kids are playing in the backyard.  I snuck took this through my [dirty] bedroom window.  I don’t know what they are playing but it cracking me up that the two oldest ‘overlords’ are obviously in a power position and little Jessie is just sitting there in front of them.  Hilarious!

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3 thoughts on “Things I love Tuesday

  1. Jennifer Arbo

    TACO TUESDAY!!!!!!! AHGHGHGH!!! A TCU institution, of course!!! I loved me some Taco Tuesday….hahahahah

  2. These are all really cute but I especially like the one where Jessie has clearly added a little girly charm to the boring wooden car garages. (RE: the blue flower-like object on top of the car hut!)

    You know – my girls don’t have any building toys??? I need to get them some wooden blocks.

    I’m going to say something I thought I’d be too young to say…but…I MISS having a house full of toddlers/preschoolers/young children. Adri is 11 and it’s just not the same. If I think about it too long it makes me sad!!! Now the boys wake up and build Bionicles and the girls wake up and can be found playing some variation of house/school/dress up. Which is fine. But when they were ALL little – it was just different….

    🙂 Ah. I’m in a melancholy mood!

  3. This bridal store rocks! They have everything from the gown down to the gifts for the wedding party. It is amazing! I was in the other day looking around and found that they had a store wide sale going on and dresses were half price! I found a few that would be great for prom and homecoming! Some were as low as $20.00!

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