Things I love Tuesday

I love our membership at the ymca.  I love getting to work out three times a week and play racquetball with my husband.  I feel so much better and the racquetball is just pure fun!

I love Starbucks all the time, but especially today.  Today, I went to my local Starbucks for a drink on the way home from the arduous task of carting the children to school.  [courtesy of my loving husband who was willing to bribe me to drive the kids on his day to drive]  So I pull up and there are employees standing outside handing out stuff.  Naturally I assume they are sampling something, albeit in a very weird way, and so I pull up to one of them on my way to the drive through and ask what is afoot.  She says they are closed due to technical difficulties and they are handing out free coffee [just plain drip] and pastries.  HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!  So, I say “thank you” and “of course I would LOVE to have some!”  So, I get a free coffee and a free pastry and then she sees Caleb and Jessie in the back and offers me two more pastries for the kids.  So, I say, “Yes!” and “Thank you!” and “Will you marry me?”  hahahaaa… just kidding on that last one.  Knowing we could not ingest all those calories guilt free we go to the other Starbucks [about five minutes away] and get me my real drink for $4.17 and go to Miriam’s for coffee and snacks all around.  Mmmm….  Starbuck-y goodness.  See???? Paying that much for a drink really does pay off!!!!!!   😉

I love the time of life I have when my son wants to dress like this while doing his Kindergarten home school work.  He has been wearing those gloves every where for a few days now.  Hilarious! [**edit** maybe he is shielding himself from all the flowery girlyness of my bed?]

I love flavored ice tea [when it is brewed that way, not the kind with added syrup].  I love these clothes I bought when Aaron sent me out alone with some shopping $$.  Yes, I added in a little extra of my own money, but how can you not????

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One thought on “Things I love Tuesday

  1. These are cute posts!! Great photos too, btw. Love the one w/the costume. Wish I could go to school like that!!

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