The Sovereignty of God – by Andrew Wommack

If you can lend me your ears for 15 minutes…  It is truly worth your time.

The Sovereignty of God – by Andrew Wommack

Click on the above link for one of the best, most simply stated and correct views on the Sovereignty of God.  This short segment will encourage your faith in an understandable way.  When you listen, you can tell you are not hearing circumlocution but simple Bible truth.  It blows away all the ridiculous arguments going on amongst the Calvinists, Reformers, etc. about how God raised up Pharaoh simply to harden his heart and all the many other false and misleading and twisted Bible stories that they have changed.  The Bible is a constant love story of God reaching out to man, not a constant story of torment where God decides to periodically slap people around because He can.  I think I will listen to this again.  It answers so many questions in such a simple and obvious way.  Thank goodness for teachers of the Word who are not arrogant and self serving, but instead put others first.

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