Our new vice presidential candidate

Well, much hoo-ha is being made over a woman being nominated for office.  What surprises me is not all the usual political back and forth garbage but what the extreme radical right is saying.  Now, before you decide who the extreme radical right is I will write my opinion.  This is a group of people calling themselves reformers [of one denominational branch or another] and they are staunch [unchanging, no flexing or bending of any kind] about women being at home [period] and men doing everything else.  While I firmly agree that women mostly belong at home, I also believe that we were only left with two commandments from Jesus.  This is another discussion for another day though.  Anyway, they assert that we are being judged because someone like Sarah Palin and her uterus are nominated.  Judged???  Really???  I just cannot even begin to describe how blessed we are as a nation, and we are blessed because God blesses us.  

In the Bible it says His rain falls on the just and the unjust.  It says seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.  It says love the Lord your God with all your heart mind soul and strength.  It says a myriad of other things including the extreme radical rights best argument from the book of Titus that a woman should be a keeper at home.  When I read that, it does not say you have to stay home to the exclusion of everything else.  The beautiful thing about the New Testament and being a Christian is the distinct lack of bondage in how we serve Him.  I believe that it is best for women to stay at home and raise and nurture their children, but that does not chain us to the stove and certainly does not command us to have children until our wombs fall out.  It seems that the extreme radical religious right needs to put up or shut up.  Bring up a level headed God fearing candidate or stop crying out about judgement and demons at every turn.  Maybe that is what happens when one circles the wagons against anyone that doesn’t believe precisely the same?  Goodness knows I have seen that plenty of times in the full Gospel circles.  I guess fear will get you to respond nearly the same way every time.

So I am thankful to have a woman candidate that has a good track record of trying to give the money back to the people where it belongs.  I also like how she has tried [who else can you say that for?!?!] to shrink big government.  She sold the governor’s jet on ebay for pete’s sake.

I actually read a blog that quoted R.L. Dabney, rabid racist that he was, in an attempt to remind readers that women belong solely at home and men belong everywhere else.  Have God fearing people lost their mind???????  Maybe so.  I cannot even fathom why any racist past or present would be held as a role model.  It seems that it all to easy to look at the world through high and mighty judgmental eyes, retreating into a corner to continue criticisms instead of reaching out to a lost world.  Last I checked, no one got saved and became a disciple of Jesus because I walked around wearing a dress or stayed at home popping out as many babies as possible.  The Bible says they will know we are Christians by our love one for another.  So, not our harsh black and white judgments then?  It also says it is the goodness of God that leads us to repentance.  In the Bible we see that Jesus befriended the undesirables and hated the Pharisees.  Seems to me a definition of a Pharisee could be a modern day Christian who is too holy or pious to have dealings with anyone outside of their holy little circle.

You know, it would be noble to wish for world peace.  I think I would rather see peace among born again Christians.  I have some pretty great folks [family members and friends] in my life who do an amazing job of demonstrating self control, patience, meekness, kindness, grace, long suffering, gentleness, integrity, etc.  None of these people lash out at others in a judgmental way.  They simply live Christ’s character as best they can.

So I think instead of all the different Christian groups dicing up Sarah Palin as best they can, we should support her as a born again Christian and continue to raise up God fearing leadership.


**Edit**  I believe there are many ways to live as a Christian while working out your salvation daily with fear and trembling.  By many ways, I am referring to personal convictions on matters the Bible does not specifically address, such as how many children to have, etc.  What I have a problem with is when a group or person feels that they have the corner market on how God says we should live to the extent of saying that all others are sinning and deceived.  When a persons religious belief is worked out by their “works” and not by their faith in salvation through Jesus and following the two commandments he left, that is when a red flag should go up.  All out craziness ensues when people begin to assert that the way they live by their outer works is the only way to serve God without sin and deception.  Outer works being defined as things that you do daily that define your “holiness level”, these things are works [not the list of Godly character traits in the Bible such as grace, meekness, long suffering, etc.] like making sure to only wear dresses as a female, to know your place will only ever be at home, to have as many children as possible, etc.  Folks, at its core, the Bible boils down to two things, salvation through Jesus Christ alone and living out your daily life following the two commandments Jesus left us [love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself].

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4 thoughts on “Our new vice presidential candidate

  1. Don’t you it’s fantastic that we all have the same name!! Sarah Hall, Sarah Walston – Sarah Palin…. I think there’s something significant about that!!

    Let the stone throwing pharisees “live peaceably with their illusions”! They offend God and their minds are living under His judgement. So they are, in some regards, correct.

    Thankfully for myself, and for you, we are free from such constraints as the need to condemn others in order to justify ourselves before God.

    I’m going to vote for SARAH and her uterus!!

  2. Oh I just read the blog I think you are referring to and I think it’s funny that – in their Civic Discourse on the matter, they are bringing lots of people to the truth about their false religion, their empty belief system, their cultish mentality … and the wonder that is Sarah Palin.

    I don’t think I can touch this with a 10 foot pole! Too much to say about the hypocrisy over on that blog!

    WOW. Talk about being responsible for your words and not leading others into bondage!!

    Can you imagine what these people would be saying if they were alive when God appointed Deborah to lead the army to victory!!! Oh wait – I already know the rhetoric that comes from DP on that one – it was an “unusual case and not the biblical norm so therefore we won’t use that as any kind of measuring rod for this situation.”


    *Sigh* I’m so glad I’m ME and NOT them!!

  3. sarahhall

    Yay! Go uterus’s! Or would that be uter-i? lol… [just so you know this was said tongue in cheek]

    In my opinion where religious beliefs get real sticky is when people think that their way is the only righteous way to live. This is almost always an extra-Biblical list of outward works.

  4. Per your edited comments….I am going to post a blog about the Puritan’s belief system…. you’ll enjoy it….it shed a lot of light for me regarding the belief system I used to adhere to. It’s a very noble one, but earthly nobility does not ensure salvation.

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