Back to school!

Our sweet Kathryn went off to school this year for the first time!  She starts second grade this year.  I have been so pleased that when she went, she was not “behind.”  We worked very hard to make sure she kept up with the private school that we were planning to send her to.  I would like to send Caleb next year, but if it doesn’t work out, that is okay too.  I know he will definitely go by 2nd grade just like Kathryn.  It saves big $$$ to homeschool!!!!  Caleb and I are doing Kindergarten work every day and it is so much better now that I have experience.  Poor Kathryn bore the brunt of my learning curve.  I had to apologize to her SO MANY times for losing my temper.  I am so glad she is loving school and her friends.  It is hilarious to have her come home frustrated because someone in the class was “wasting time” and so they didn’t get to go to recess.  She said, “Me and my friends NEVER do that!!!  And we NEVER get our names on the board!”  She is so cute, what a blessing this private school is.  They have a gate around the property, on duty security guards and security cameras.  I feel very good about Kathryn attending because they are also full gospel, just like our church.  This school was started by the pastor of our church, pastor Bob, a while back and has grown over the many years and now has its very own campus and facilities.  What a blessing to go to this school!!!  I say, in my opinion the only way to educate a child is at home or in a very Christian private school.  I am so proud of Kathryn.  She is already making good grades and several new friends the first week of school [last week].  We have a deal, if she makes straight A’s all year on every report card I will buy her an American Girl doll.  If not, she can try again the year after that.  We also decided to reward her with a free dress pass for every A she makes [up to six] since there are only free dress days on Fridays.


**EDIT**    If the education situation is ideal, homeschool and private school are the two methods of education I prefer.  By homeschooling I mean any method of the parent teaching the child.  I am all for mom and dad deciding what they need to do and having God’s blessing on it, whatever the choice.  What I don’t like is people not putting serious thought and prayer into where and how their child is educated.

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One thought on “Back to school!

  1. I’m so jealous!! We can’t afford private school! But we are loving the k12 program – so that was an answer to prayer for us! (Oh those same stone throwers are hating that last sentence!) But my kids MISS school. You know I found a free Christian private school and am going to look into it if things don’t work out with the k12 program. We’re already committed for this year – but you never know about next year…

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