Is anyone else sick of this????

Here is my soapbox for the day.  Women, especially older women who bathe in their perfume.  I am guessing the line of thought here is to assault all in your general proximity with the odor?  Gag.  I love perfume but I am so gagged when walking by or sitting near or even more frustrating, getting hugged by women laden with perfume.  I was at Target today and walking down the chapstick aisle, not even trying to smell anything and was totally gagged by an older woman with her perfume.  The perfume might have been nice in a small dosage, but OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was not a small dose.  Please, if you are a young-ish, take this to heart and remember when you are older, a little dab will do ya.

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3 thoughts on “Is anyone else sick of this????

  1. Jennifer Arbo

    Oh my goodness!! Thank you!!! It isn’t just me then!! I totally agree! Perhaps the olfactory senses start to decline as one ages?? I always find that with older women who wear too much perfume, it isn’t the kind that generally smells that great, either. It’s usually some extremely heavy floral stench that gives you an instant migraine! This made me laugh and I now know I am not the only one who walks by some woman and thinks, “WHOA! LAY OFF THE WILD MUSK, WOULD YOU?!”

  2. sarahhall

    Well said.


    That is funny!!

    I have issues with things that smell anyway – good or bad smells – so I don’t like ANY perfumes – but yes, I would agree with you – I can’t stand heavy perfume on women. It’s icky. Or men with a lot of cologne… yuck!

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