I have the best family in the whole world.  My children have been quietly playing for the last hour or so while I have been making my new business card.  Mind you, I haven’t been in the kitchen for fear of what I might find that is helping to keep them this quiet.  Okay, lol.  As I type they are now in here begging for “fire chips.”  Most of the world knows these as cheese doritos.  Apparently it is lunch time.

I was pretty proud of making these business cards by myself.  I emailed a pdf to my Uncle Tony [he is awesome at graphic design] and he majorly helped refine it.  After about five revisions, I have it saved as a pdf and emailed to my local Kinkos for printing.  Ha ha!  I feel pretty on top of the world at the moment which is completely opposite of how I felt last night.

I decided it was do or die time with my shiny new Nikon SB 800 flash.  I know it is a totally awesome powerhouse, but I also find new things slightly intimidating.  So, after having been hunkered down over the owners manuel for a little over an hour and nearly losing it, Aaron became a concerned and helped me.  I was heck-bent on finding the answer in the manuel, but he decided it would be easier and faster to find it online.  And find it he did!  For anyone who is curious, the D70s only works wirelessly with the SB800 with group A and channel 3.  This is as far as I know anyway.  If I find out more, I will mention it sometime.  So, crisis averted, now it only takes me until 2:30am and two horsepills of valerian root to calm down.

Also, on more good news I went and had my post op appointment with my ob/gyn this morning.  I am cleared to go swimming, pick up my kids, etc.  He just said no sit ups for another couple of weeks.  Yeeha!  I love getting this far down the road to recovery.  Also, on a side note, removing those fibroids really did help.  I no longer feel like I need to just pass out for a day or two during my menstrual.  So between that, the uterine uplift and being prescribed permanent iron pills, I am sitting pretty!

Life is good.

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2 thoughts on “Whew….

  1. That’s funny. Elijah calls them fire chips too. It must be the orange bolt on the front??
    Your website looks awesome! I am so excited that you are really starting your own business! You have that creative eye that brings a lot of character to your photos. I still want you to take family pics the next time you are in the area!!
    I miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!! Kiss the kids for me.

  2. Sally H

    How odd, Ethan calls them “lightening chips” – do all kids have a nickname for these chips?? lol

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