Happy Stinkin’ Day!!!

Well, today has been both fun and profitable so far.

The other day we bought the rockingest blender out there.  The Vitamix 5200 [imagine me saying this in a very impressive booming voice]!!!!  So, it developed a crack in the pitcher plastic in less than a month.  Weird.  Thankfully, we bought it at Costco so it was a no hassle return.  The Vitamix people are doing their last show in the nearby metroplex [Southlake] and so it was relatively easy to drive over there and buy another one.  Oh, but happy day!!!  This is the first weekend EVER that they have had the black model available where you didn’t have to special order it and pay extra.  Ha Ha!!!  Now I have a super awesome blender AND its black!!!!  It matches my new Starbucks Sirena espresso machine [happy day, anniversary present].  In case you are wondering, yes I am spoiled.

So, if that wasn’t good enough the gas lease finally culminated today for the neighborhood.  We were able to go to a local church, sign with the gas people and walk away with a check.  Happy Stinkin’ Day!!!!!!!!!!

Now I am sitting here reviewing my NAPP [for all you people not “in the know” that is National Association of Photoshop Professionals] gift box.  I got the two year membership for the student discount price.  I am a student at Thomas Edison State College, didn’t you know?  I will be a graduate in September with a B.A. in liberal studies, thank you Sarah Walston.  Happy Day.  I get discounts at the movies, discount buying my imac, discount NAPP membership, etc etc etc.  Life is pretty awesome.

I do have a small business loan debt to pay back, but y’all will help a sista’ out, right?!  Send ANY photography business my way!  I should have the website in process this weekend.  Pretty soon I will have pictures up on http://www.treeoutside.com.  That is the new digs for my biz.

I am probably going to start out my wedding packages at $250.  For that price I will show up early on the wedding day, take all the pictures for the wedding before during and after, and burn you a cd.  That will be the entry level package, only getting fancy-er and more expensive from there.

So tell all your peeps!  TreeOutside is ready for business!!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Happy Stinkin’ Day!!!

  1. I totally don’t understand the Gas Lease thing…but I’m SO excited about your degree…and jealous of course. Glad to be of help, there, though. Anything I can do to help us Sarah’s out. LOL! I’ll live vicariously through you!

    I’ve always secretly wanted to be a photographer – did you know that? Long story – best saved for a face to face conversation – but it’s not something I’ll ever get into now. So I’m doubly jealous. (Along with secretly wanting to conduct an orchestra….again…something else I’ll never do here on earth – but I’m gonna ask God to let one of the great Maestro’s train me when I get to Heaven. I’ll have plenty of time then!!)

    Hey I thought of you when I was in Michigan. There was this really super cute portrait studio set up and they had display photos in the window and they had some really cute ideas. I wish I knew the website so you could see the layouts. I know you could figure out how to do it. I’m going to try and find it.

    Royce did weddings just like you are going to do them – $250 and he gave them a CD. It’s a pretty sweet deal. And people love it. Be sure you impose time limits though or you’ll end up working 20+ hours on one wedding and be MAD that you’r working for $10/hr. Which isn’t enough to pay back the loan…

    I’d be happy to talk to you more about it through email or phone calls. I like your business name. Royce ran a very successful side business through LensAngle for many years with his photography. I can also tell you the things we did over the years to increase business and branch out to new markets, etc.

    He is no longer shooting any photography for business now. He is really really good though. His wedding photos are really nice.

    I’m really excited for you, Sarah. I wish I lived closer so we could do multiple Espresso Shots and photograph what happens when…. ROFLOL – that’s a whole blog theme right there….

    I guess you are feeling better??

  2. Yeah, I have the website put together, we are just waiting on getting GoDaddy to link to my mac site. I will be doing basically any event for three hours [at the actual event, maximum] for $250. This includes me proofing the photos if they need any general type of photoshop correction. Beyond that, it moves to a more expensive package.

    I would LOVE to know how you and Royce increased the business. Yes, for greedy reasons I would rather keep it in email or phone calls. 🙂

    Yeah, you guys totally need to move to Fort Worth. I would move to San Antonio [b/c it is so cool] except MAN it was CROWDED!!!!! We could do shots like the ‘wake up’ ones I used to have when we would arrive at 5:30am to open the store back in the day. Whew. Those will get you talking FAST!

  3. LOL!! Well San Antonio is the 8th largest city in the nation – so yeah, it’s kinda crowded. When we moved here in 2000, it wasn’t this BUSY. But it’s pretty cheap to live here, and for that I can’t complain! Who knows – actually in a few years we are looking to move back to Austin. We’ll see though – we are pretty connected here right now, and everything depends on what I do when I get through with school!

    Espresso Shots really do sound so much fun!!!

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