What sweet friends I have!

I just want to say thank you to all the friends and family who have been so kind to me from helping to just asking how I am doing.  I really appreciate it.  As someone who wanted glasses and/or asthma as a child just to get more attention [and believe me, I had plenty of attention] I always notice and appreciate stuff like that.

Today has been a good day.  We went to swimming lessons that their mom-mom paid for and the kids had a fun time.  Jessie would look up from her lessons every so often so that she could yell, “Mommy!!!  Look at me!!! I’m doing it!!!!”  “It” being a variety of things, lol.  These go all this week and next week, at which time I expect my children to be proficient at the butterfly stroke, etc.

Yesterday we played hooky from church and went to the theater to see Wall-E.  If you go there expecting to see cute animation you will not be disappointed.  I enjoyed the whole thing, it was very cute.

I have managed to get my gardenia to produce one bloom.  It doesn’t sound like much but since it is past the blooming season for those, I was pretty impressed with myself.  Granted, I have majorly cheated with miracle grow soil and adding a fertilizer stick but that is beside the point.  I have also managed to keep the knock out roses alive and plant two crepe myrtles and two grass squares.  Yeeha!  Top that you city slickers.  lol.

The kids are napping and I am enjoying the peace and quiet.  Today I feel very much back to myself, just a less strong version.  We went to Costco against my better judgement.  It ended up being okay except for when I almost fell flat on my face after tripping on the gasoline hose while pumping gas.  We met the Haygoods up there for a nice cheap lunch and bought some groceries afterwards.  This is where it got interesting for me and fun for the kids.  I knew when Aaron got home he would ask me how my day went and how much work I did, and did I relax enough.  So, explaining Costco when I’m not supposed to be driving yet was going to be tricky.  I justify it like this:  I didn’t have a baby, so the recovery is easier and faster and less stressful, therefore I can go to costco three days earlier than I should?  lol.  Anyway, Kathryn and Caleb pushed the cart the whole time, picked up and loaded each item, unloaded it onto the conveyor belt, pushed it to the car, unloaded every item, closed the hatch/trunk, pushed the cart to the return cart area and unloaded everything when we got home.  Whew!  It was kind of fun directing them and I could tell they had a lot of fun getting to do everything and they had fun knowing they were helping me.

So, to sum it up, recovery is going even better, thank you for the well wishes and the help!

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