Doing better!

I am more able to walk upright these last couple of days.  This past weekend was Aaron’s grandmother Davis’s 75th birthday!  Phyllis and Kathy organized a great big family birthday party for her [I believe our family would easily put any Greek family gathering to shame].  The super neat part was that Paul and Bethany surprised everyone and were able to come!  So, since I didn’t get to go to the party we loaded up in the suburban yesterday and visited with them for the last several hours until they departed, brand new 6 week old baby and all.  That was really fun for me and brightened up my otherwise dreary relaxed last few days.  They are doing well and the new baby is of course adorable.

My parents came by on the way to church and brought me an entirely homemade and soooo yummy dinner!  Just so y’all can drool, here it is:  bar-b-q chicken, green beans [with mushrooms], corn pudding, rolls, and salad.  MMMmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Later that day, Caleb and Claire came by to visit!  They brought me some of my favorite [and yes, I know] ridiculous gossip magazines and also a nice “real” magazine and some Starbucks truffles.  Yeah, I know you are all jealous but she is MY sister-in-law.  Lol.  😉

I must say my mom and Aaron’s mom have seriously spoiled us with all their sweet help.  They have each kept the kids several times and just been so sweet and encouraging and helpful.

So, today I will sit… sit… sit… and sit some more.  I am starting to be able to walk mostly upright and that is much better.  I don’t have stitches, it looks like they used steri-strips.  The shower I am about to take is my big excitement for the day.  Wheee!!!  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Doing better!

  1. Glad to hear your recovering. The photography stuff sounds pretty awesome too. I’m going to be switching camera systems in the next couple of months so I’ll be selling my Canon gear and buying Nikon stuffs.

  2. Hey Sarah! So sorry to hear you had to have surgery! 😦 I wish we lived closer so I could come by and keep the kids for you – or at the least, read the magazines with you… LOL!!!

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