Well, I am here at home and am recovering.  I had a myomectamy and a uterine uplift.  I have got a really weird sharp muscle pain in my right shoulder and I’m betting that happened when I was trying to use one arm to turn my entire body onto my right side while still having a bunch of pain meds in my body.  Note to self, whenever under heavy pain drugs, use caution and don’t try to “be the hero.”  So, now I am on darvoset and trying to stay on the minimum.  I think there should be an edge of pain so that you remember not to push yourself.  At least for me.  I have a whole new perspective for women recovering from c-sections, a great deal of sympathy.  Also, after this I’m not sure I could ever voluntarily get a tummy tuck.  Being a women, I still reserve the right to change my mind.  The best description of the pain at the incision site is that it burns just like my perineum burned when Caleb was born.  Most of the time, I walk to the bathroom completely bent over at the waist, like I am folded in half.  Also, I cradle the incision site the whole way there b/c it burns like fire.  I am not 100% sure yet, but I am thinking that getting up from having been sitting on the bed is more painful than any other way.  IE, laying on the bed, sitting in a chair, etc.  Mark Carrillo, the assistant pastor and youth pastor at our church came by.  He stayed and visited for a bit and brought us a yummy dinner.  Keep in mind this man has a family, a full time job and is in the process of finishing his master’s degree!  I have my brand new imac sitting here to my left and Aaron is in the process of setting it up and switching me over so that I can get used to the new os and the look and feel of macs.  For anyone who didn’t know, I am starting a photography business for weddings, family portraiture, and whatever else I can get my hands on!  I will be launching the website soon-ish.  Actually, that’s not true.  Aaron will be launching the site soon-ish as he is able between doting on me, switching me over to the imac and oh yeah, his full time job.  I submit to you that he is husband of the millennium.  His company, Womack Machine Supply sent me a nice arrangement of flowers.  They are always very thoughtful.


Anyway, the surgery went good and Dr. McAlpine was pleased and that’s all I really care to know.  I am looking forward to being further down the road to recovery when it doesn’t hurt so much.  Hospital visits are never fun.

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2 thoughts on “Recovering…

  1. Katie

    Wow, Sarah that sounds like quite an ordeal! I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. Sally

    I totally feel you on the whole bent over walking thing! Sorry we weren’t here to help 😦 But it does sound like you have some awesome people who love you!
    We’re back now (obviously – lol) and maybe I can swing by tomorrow sometime 🙂

    Cyber hugs! (since real ones probably still hurt…)

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