Happy Birthday from Great-Grandmommy King!

Kathryn and Jessie were luxuriously and wonderfully spoiled by their Great-grandmommy King today.  She wanted to take them to the most magical toy store in the world and let them shop.  [Toy Works on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth, Texas]  Wow!  Every little girls fantasy!  They shopped for a while and these outfits are only some of what they picked and were given.

Also, I have a funny Kathryn story.  My parents have just gotten back from their San Francisco vacation and so my mom was in the car with us on the way to pick up Great-Grandmommy.  We were all excited to shop with the girls and then walk next door to La Madeline’s for lunch.  So mom [“regular” Grandmommy King] gets in the suburban and begins to have fun talking with the children who are all talking at once, and loudly per usual.  😉  The conversation goes on and makes its way to Ariel [the Little Mermaid] as it always does these last few months.  I think mom asked Kathryn why Ariel only wears those shells on her and its Kathryn answer that has me so tickled.  She said well, the mermaids all go around in their bras.  They do that because all mermaids are poor.

HAHAHAHHAA!!!!  I just loved that!

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One thought on “Happy Birthday from Great-Grandmommy King!

  1. THAT was funny! Kathryn and I would get along just great I think! Really, Sarah – she’s hilarious!!!! What a joy!

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