YAY!!!! Summer is HERE!!!!!

Awww!!!  Sugar and spice and everything nice.  Thats what little Jessie’s are made of!

Ha Ha!!  Gotcha Claire!!!  See???  Even you have to admit that you look adorable in this picture!!!  Of course you are obviously trying to flash us all….  hahahaa….

Cute Zachariah!

Welcome home Kathryn!

Aunt Huong and Phoebe


Jessie and baby Eli

Caleb is swimming on his own!!!!!!!  UNDERWATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caleb, Noah, Zach, and Ethan


Kathryn, Caleb, and Phoebe

Ethan jumps to his mommy!

Sally and Ethan

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4 thoughts on “YAY!!!! Summer is HERE!!!!!

  1. FANTASTIC pictures! Of course, I’m biased, but I really think we all have the most beautiful children. Don’t you? Collectively speaking? 🙂 That water looks so inviting. We have an extra little boy in the house this afternoon….and we are heading to the pool in a few minutes….because what ELSE am I going to do with 3 boys all afternoon?!?!?! There’s no WAY I’m going to sit around the house and try to “rest” while they run through the house yelling and screaming at each other! LOL!

  2. Sally

    Ethan’s foot is cracking me up in the jumping picture! lol
    And Claire is SO photogenic!!!

    Great pics, Sarah 🙂

  3. Sally, I think Ean’s foot looks great! He has a wonderful stretch. Looks like a dancer in the making to me!! Get him in ballet class pronto!!!! 🙂

  4. I mean Ethans! Was that a freudian slip since I have an EAN who refuses to take ballet classes??? LOL!!

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