The Kathryn Chronicles… Part II

Kathryn says…”Aunt Beth, Have you ever cut your nails?”

I look at my hands and say…well sometimes I do.

She says, “Well, why don’t you cut your nails?”

I don’t really have an answer so I tell her because I just let them grow instead. 

She says, “Well, I think you should cut all your nails off and just get fake nails… Elisabeth…she just cuts her nails and gets fake nails and takes the glue and just glues them on like that (she is demonstrating how to put on fake nails) and she then has nails like that (now pointing at my hands). 

I say…No…I would rather just keep the nails I have.

She shrugs her shoulders and continues on to another conversation. 


Kathryn, Mariah and I are sitting on my bed and I am helping Mariah plan the breakfast menu for next week.  Mariah fills in the days and puts “oatmeal” down in one of the slots. 

Kathryn says, “I am not going to eat oatmeal unless you fix it exactly how I like it.” 

I say—Hasn’t your dad or mom ever told you about the starving children in Africa. 

That evidently interested her and she looked at me serious and said… ”what starving children…what are you talking about?”

So I told her the starving children story and I think scared her???  She said she didn’t know children didn’t get to eat.  I told her that is why we should be thankful for any food that our mom or dad give us because it is a blessing—some children don’t get to eat everyday like we do. 

So she says, “WHY???  Does their mom eat all the food?”

I say…”No..because they are so poor they don’t have food or a house or a car to drive.  They live in a shack like yall made yesterday or worse—made out of cardboard and old rags and are all dirty and live with flies and are hungry…etc…etc..”

By now she is seriously aghast!

She said, “I didn’t know that.”

So at lunch time, she pipes up at the table and says, “Paterson, did you know that there are starving children that don’t get to eat food every day.”


Yesterday they build a little “fort” shack of a house out of left over wood and nails.  They worked on it all afternoon.  I was watching out the window and heard Kathryn say, “OWWWW, That cat scratched me!” 

No one responded…so she said it louder… “OWWWW, That cat scratched me!” 

Still no one responded—the boys kept at what they were doing and didn’t pay her the time of day. 

So she says it louder…”“OWWWW, That cat scratched me!”  and finally walks off. 

At supper, she tells me, that cat out there scratched me right here (and pointed to her hand of which I didn’t see a thing). 

I said, “OHHH…”

She said, “And no one cares except two kids…Peyton and Mariah.”

HAHA!!! And still no one offered any sympathy except Paul when he says…”well, maybe you won’t end up with cat scratch fever.”

She sits there for a while pondering before asking, “scratch fever…well..what’s that..”— as Paul continues to explain the disease to her. 

She says, “It didn’t really scratch me that bad anyway.”


The first night she was here after supper she says, “There’s no dessert!!!!???”

(haha!!  Now I know you all don’t have dessert every night do you!!!!!!)



Standing in line for a shower and no dessert and hearing “Watch out for snakes” as she heads outside to play—she might have some bad stories to tell about us when she gets home!!!


I am sure there are more stories…but that is all I can think of now…


Talk to you soon…love, beth


I have some good pictures…we will have to send you once I get them on my computer—She told me she really liked playing outside and building the fort with the boys yesterday

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One thought on “The Kathryn Chronicles… Part II

  1. these stories are so funny – thanks for posting them – i bet kathryn’s having a blast!!!

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