Parenting 101

Had I been asked about this topic even a year ago I would have had a different opinion.  Currently I believe parenting is correctly lived by modeling the correct behaviour.  In other words, behaving Christ-like.  I started out thinking when there is a wrong behaviour I discipline it, mostly by spanking.  Now I realize when they are younger you remove them from the situation or change the circumstances.  As they get older you begin to talk with them and explain as much as your patience can handle.  Hopefully your patience levels are growing.  🙂  Also, you “find their currency.”  Use what is important to them as a tool to accomplish your discipline goals.  I am starting to become firmly convinced that spanking should only be used in extreme situations where the child openly and willfully defies you by screaming at you or striking at you, the parent.  Other than that there are so many other tools to use.  Children will grow up loving and respecting you and continue this on out of the house if you will respect them as they grow.  Mind you this is extremely difficult here but I am addressing what I believe to be the standard, not necessarily what I actually attain to.  I was talking to my brother-in-law and he said there were two things that really made a difference to him.  1.) Living their faith in God, openly and working each day toward Christ-like character and 2.) Asking for forgiveness when they were wrong.  Don’t hesitate to ask for forgiveness in the same way you would ask your spouse or another adult.  I have had to correct them on receiving an apology but this is a very minor problem in comparison with the need to humble yourself when you are wrong.  Anyway, this article does a very thorough job of outlining all the many common child problems and many great ways to correct.


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