Disney World!!!!!!!!!!! May 2008

This is the stretch Dodge limo truck that we [all seventeen of us!] rode in to and from the airport.  Pretty awesome!!!  Thanks to Uncle Andrew, Uncle Tony and my sweet husband.  What a fun surprise!!  In this group photo clockwise from left are Elisabeth, Miriam, Anna, Kathryn, Jessie and Phoebe.

Here are most of the younger kids waiting to load up on the Disney Express transportation bus after landing in Orlando, Florida.  I just thought the moment of them all holding hands [only semi-prompted] was too adorable!  From left Phoebe, Noah, Matt, Jessie, Caleb and Kathryn.

This is the Disney time-share place where we stayed.  By our rooms they had tons of Gardenia bushes and we smelled the most wonderful fragrance every time we came home to our rooms and when we left in the morning.  Not to be silly, but it really was magical.

Here are the kids watching cartoons and playing with balloon swords while we were checking in.  See???  I told you it was magical!

Jessie wearing Mickey ears in the on-property gift shop.

Here are Kathryn and Elisabeth with their color pages from the on-property restaurant, Olivias.  Even the restaurant was magical.  They had already on the table little containers for colors and color sheets for all the kids.  To top it off, the dessert for the children was a do it yourself sundae.  They got little tiny bowls, one with sprinkles, one with m&m’s, and a couple of other toppings.  Too cute!

Waiting for the little golf cart to take us to our rooms.  Heaven forbid we have to walk all that way!  Seriously though, the property was MASSIVE.  Half of the time it took us to get to Disney [the individual parks] was making all the little stops within the Old Key West property.  From left clockwise:  Kathryn, Noah and Zach.

Ah!  The little golf transportation cart has arrived!

A shot of the side of our building.  Too cute!

Here was our room.  We were on the first floor [thank goodness!!!!].  The rest of our family [Halls and Haygoods] were in a double room just two doors down.  Truly, magical.

Here is Benjamin, introducing the Magic Kingdom.  Jessie was crying in the stroller on the way in and there was this kindly older gentleman who said, “This is a happy place” to her and Benjamin found it hilarious.  So did I after hearing him say it. 

Can you hear the Magical music drawing us into the Magic Kingdom?  …or maybe its Joshua.

These little balloon clusters were everywhere!

A close up of the musical that was going on the stage at Cinderella’s castle when we first arrived.

The girls after the musical was over.  None of the children were interested in smiling for pictures until it was over?  What was up with that??  lol.

Self couple portrait.  We were in line with the kids for the magic carpet ride.  It was their FAVORITE!!!  Needless to say, we rode it many many times.

The cool thing about this ride is that the person in the front can control going up and down and if you are down at the wrong time there is a camel that spits water on you.  This was a source of great hilarity.  This photo is of Kathryn controlling the up and down lever and how much fun it was!

Another magic carpet ride.

I just thought all our children in line to get a drink of water with Miriam helping them all was funny.

Another favorite ride was the Buzz Lightyear ride.  You sit in these little pods with the ability to turn yourself in a 360 if need be to shoot the little targets with the mounted guns.  At the end you get your score in front of you and check the chart on the wall to see your rank.

Very cool Buzz with holographic face.

The kids after their first Buzz ride [many more to come after that!].  Are you loving Kathryn’s “pose” as much as I am?  This happened in many photos….  🙂  From left:  Jessie, Noah, Zach, Caleb and sassy Kathryn.

Okay here we are headed into the best 3-D movie ever.  I don’t remember the name but it was the first one we went on and the kids reactions were hysterical!  Jessie was reaching out trying to grab the jewels that Ariel spilled.  At one point Joshua said that Caleb leaped out his seat, slightly hitting the one in front of him trying to grab something.  Worth every penny.  Have I mentioned yet that it was magical?

A cute family picture just outside of our room.  They keep the grounds beautifully.

On our way out of the Magic Kingdom the first night.  Totally awesome.  I love Disney World!!!!!

Complete exhaustion at the end of every day.  I thought Kathryn was adorable sleeping with her Belle doll.

At the bus stop the next morning on the way to MGM studios.  Day two.

Me and Aaron.

The MGM entrance.

Mickey’s sorcerer hat.  Very cool.

This is one of MGM’s newest attractions, the stunt car show.  Undoubtedly this one of Caleb’s top five favorites.  His face stayed like this or a big smile nearly the whole show.  From left:  Miriam, Elisabeth, Aaron and Caleb.

Caleb said the red car [the good guy] was his favorite, so I got a picture for him.

Jessie, with her cute little hand on Uncle Tony’s shoulder.

Jessie with her favorite baby friend and cousin Anna.

She loves this baby!

Mickey mouse ear photo!  Next time we are all going to get a pair of these so we can be as nerdy as possible.  From left:  Jessie, Kathryn, Zach, Benjamin, Caleb, and Noah.

Caleb Jessie and Kathryn at the end of our day at MGM, ready to go swimming.  You would not BELIEVE how much time they spent begging to go swim.  And of course they are all wearing their Disney swimsuits that they picked out!  Magical…  😉

Zach, Noah, and Caleb in downtown Disney.  We are eating at Earl of Sandwich which is totally yummy!

Caleb and the lego shark at the Lego store in downtown Disney.

Okay, here is a series of photos of Jessie with plastic Mickey and Minnie.  What was funny about this to me was how much she loved them and was excited to be near them and then turn around and pose a smile for me.  She just didn’t care for the real ones in costume.  I imagine she loved that these didn’t move or do anything unpredictable.

Here we are meeting our first character, Buzz Lightbeer.  Pretty much with all live characters Jessie is a bit to a lot weirded out around them.  Except Piglet.  Maybe because he is small and cute and pink?

Here we are in Toontown getting ready to ride Goofy’s rollercoaster.

Matthew, whose eyes match his shirt.

Zach, Matt, Noah, Caleb and Kathryn all waiting for the Goofy rollercoaster.

Adorable Zach and Noah.  I love how younger children don’t notice details, especially boys.  Look at the rim that lines the inside of Noah’s baseball cap.  It is tucked out on his forehead.  Too cute.

Another cute picture of Kathryn and Caleb.  In this picture you can see one of Kathryn’s souvenirs, the Cinderella castle jibbitz on her croc.  I have only ever seen this one in Disney World, at least no where in Texas anyway.  The girls were pretty happy to get those, and Caleb got a Stitch jibbitz.

The front porch of Minnie’s house.  You would not believe how adorable and picturesque her and Mickey’s house are.

Kathryn on Minnie’s fireplace.

Okay, this was cool.  Minnie’s oven has a dial that you can twist to make the cake inside inflate.  Also her microwave had a similar thing with a bag of popcorn but that picture turned out blurry.

Kathryn in Minnie’s chair.

Caleb in Minnie’s other chair.

Here we are at the classic Mickey and Minnie meet and greet behind Mickey’s house.

Jessie still seems uncomfortable with the live characters…

Okay, this ride cracked me up.  It was a little booth/pod thing that moved verrrrryyy slowly around Tomorrowland but was totally cool because it went in and out of several rides including the Buzz Lightyear ride and Space Mountain.  So, just messing around with Jessie, Aaron is looking at her and raising his hands as if it were a very exciting ride.  Since she is in a good mood here, she followed suit.  Too cute.

Kathryn and Stitch.

Caleb and Stitch.

Yes, Jessie pretty much looks like that in every character picture.  I think she gets her paranoia from her dad? Although he always says its not paranoia if its true.  lol.

Hurray!  A character that she was friendly to.  She didn’t mind getting autographs from a couple [literally] of her favorites but she still wouldn’t take a picture with them without eyeballing them suspiciously.

Kathryn and her favorite vacation buddy, Aunt Huong.

Caleb wanted a picture too!

The other side of the ride Splash Mountain.  I just love pictures of children lined up looking at something.  From left:  Phoebe, Caleb, Jessie, Elisabeth and Kathryn.

Another Magic Carpet ride!

And another!!!


A cool angle of Cinderella’s castle.

Cinderella’s castle just before we left, lit up pink.

Aaron wanted his picture taken at this very “picturesque” spot.  lol.

Okay, this real live safari ride was awesome.  Andrew scheduled a character breakfast first thing in the morning on the far side of the Animal Kingdom park.  So we had a yummy and fun breakfast, got some autographs and met some characters and had more fun pictures.  As if that wasn’t enough, it strategically put us right next to one of the most popular rides in the park, their live animal safari.  So, we [all those at that breakfast] got to be the first in line for this ride with no waiting.  The normal wait time is very very long.

Here we are waiting for the parade in the Animal Kingdom.  This mini lagoon was right behind where we were waiting and a wonderful way for the children to entertain themselves instead of fighting and crying.  😉

The parade is about to start… !

A couple of characters we found along the way.

Definitely a moment that needed to be captured on film…  😉

 Here is a photo of the reason every minute and dollar spent at Disney was THE BEST!!!  Andrew and Huong with their cute children Noah and Zach.

The adorable Haygoods.  From left:  Joshua, Benjamin, Phoebe, Matt, Miriam, Anna, Elisabeth and Tony.

Piglet and Kathryn.

Our family photo with the only character that Jessie wanted to get the autograph from by herself.

Awww….  Pooh and Joshua.

This was the most adorable thing.  Sometimes it was totally frustrating that we didn’t have a camera and a video camera going at the same time.  Jessie got all excited when it was time to meet Piglet and for the first and only time ran and asked Aaron for her autograph book and got his autograph all by herself.  She is so adorable and sweet in this photo!

Epcot day!  We are wearing our new souvenir shirts that Aaron bought last night from Downtown Disney.  I love mine!!!!  What a sweet surprise!  And magical!

My awesome and hot husband with the Spaceship Earth ride behind him.

Without a doubt Soarin was my favorite ride there!  I could have gone on this ride many many many many more times and not gotten tired of it.  It was so beautiful and real and I LOVED the scents.  I recommend to all riders, try to be in lane #1 so you don’t have to see anyone else’s shoes and/or feet.  Not a problem at all, just takes a tiny bit away from the real-ism.

Caleb and Benjamin, getting ready to go on Soarin’.

Another attempt at a cute family photo.  Actually I like this one quite a bit.  🙂

This is the whole gang except for Tony who is taking the picture.  By the way, he took all the totally awesome castle pictures too.  We were both using the Nikon coolpix P50 which is SOOOOO awesome on every single point.  Image quality is totally great, I just had to scale them way back so that lag time on the blog wouldn’t be ridiculous.  Since there are 17 of us, I will just mention that Aaron and I are in the top right hand side with the children in our laps or next to us.

Here starts the princess lunch which was great fun for us all, especially Kathryn.  When you first get inside as it is your turn you step into this little side foyer and take a nice picture with Belle.  We didn’t know it but they give you a print and several 4×6 copies for *free!  [free, meaning like the nice bag full of goodies that you get at the hospital for “free.”]  And for those of you who haven’t had children yet, that means it was wonderfully and magically built into the cost. 🙂

Princess Aurora, Jessie [who is unsure about her getting that close] and Kathryn.

Kathryn, Alice and Caleb.  Alice was HILARIOUS!!!!  She was so funny talking to Kathryn and challenging everything that Kathryn said.  Kathryn didn’t know what to make of it, after how all the princess’s come and sweet talk with you and agree with everything you say.  It was too funny.

Kathryn and Snow White.  This woman’s face was so white and her outfit so saturated my poor little point and shoot couldn’t meter read properly to save its life.

Caleb, Mulan and Kathryn.  Lets just say Caleb didn’t want a picture with any princess’s and his expression made me laugh.  Mulan was really nice and fun to talk to.  The weird part was as she left, I thought, “huh.  She and I could maybe be friends.”  Yeah, I know.  That was sad and a little neurotic.

Miriam and Anna.  Anna has lip prints from all the princess’s kissing her bald little head.  Very cute!

Here is Aaron, FINALLY admitting between the three choices of coffee cheesecake, rice pudding and princess cake, which one is his favorite.  This was after I had already taken five other video clips where he denied it.

Jessie, Aaron and Kathryn all sitting in a very royal looking chair that was in the entry foyer.  Jessie is being silly, but at least she is smiling.  Seriously, she was on her fifth day with no official naptime.  I was very impressed with how wonderful my children were during the whole trip.

Being given her Ariel crown was a big highlight for Kathryn.  The only thing she wanted on the entire trip was to meet Ariel.  Well, Andrew had wonderfully scheduled all these great character meals and so I thought, great!  It’s in the bag!!!  She’ll see Ariel, no problem.  So toward the end of the princess lunch I found someone and asked and apparantly Ariel was at Magic Kingdom or something?  Okaaaaayyy….  ?  So, there is only “one?”  Well, whatever.  Kathryn had her sweetest moment of the whole trip when I broke the news to her.  She looked downcast but said in a nice voice, “It’s okay, I saw her in the parade.”  She repeated this several times to us and to herself in an ‘encouraging herself’ kind of way.  When we walked outside and there was a cart selling Ariel crowns I knew it was the best solution we would find.  Children being what they are, we bought Jessie one five minutes later and bought Caleb a sword.   Stupid Ariel.  Lol.  Just kidding!  Hey!  Lighten up!  😉

By the way, Kathryn’s crown is still worn almost every day.  And princess Jessie wouldn’t and hasn’t worn hers since about a half hour after being given it even though she was very sincerely excited to get it.  Two year olds…  😉

 This is just outside the Nemo rides and exhibit at Epcot.  Behind them are the seagulls that say, “Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!”  And there is a wave splash every other minute and it triggers the birds to start saying it again.  The kids loved it.  I love how Caleb’s stickers are on Mickey’s ears.

One of the very last photos of the very last day in front of a very cool water fountain.  Kind of bittersweet [my feet hurt BAD].  Note the lack of crown on Jessie’s head.  Yeah, we didn’t even make it out of the park with her wearing it.  Thankfully not a big surprise though.  I love my matching girls!!!!  Could they be more adorable!?!?

Epcot with pink-ish lighting.  I thought it looked pretty.

Benjamin and Snow White in the airport.  He gets all the women.  Alabaster skin… raven hair…

Elisabeth and Phoebe sat behind us on the way home.  This was lots of fun until Jessie [in front of Phoebe] fell asleep and then later Phoebe decided to play with her balloon by squeaking her fingers all over it.  Thank God it quietly popped not long after that.

Getting in our limo to head home.  Apparantly Caleb had seriously gotten used to the five star treatment by this time and was overheard to say in a slightly demanding voice, “Where’s my limo?!” a few minutes before the limo arrived.

Tony, Miriam and Aaron getting in.  By the way, we almost weren’t allowed to leave because the company failed to register their limos with airport security.  The bicycle cop said he was only letting us leave in it b/c we were already loaded up, 17 people, luggage and all.  Eeek!  That was a close one.  Good thing we were all tired and hungry and moved quickly.

Last shot of vacation.  Here is the tired hungry group returning home.  We put on some kind of dinosaur cartoon that was a bit gory for the trip home.  Its good for the kids.  Toughens ’em up I say.


EDIT **  HAHAHAHHAHAHHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have loaded them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have defeated the evil that is the wordpress photo editing software!!!!!!!!!  HAHAHAHHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT #2 **These 106 carefully selected, edited and labled photos were narrowed down from a grand total of 1,366 photos taken between myself and Tony.  He beat me though with his 720 vs. my 646 photos.

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7 thoughts on “Disney World!!!!!!!!!!! May 2008

  1. Claire

    Okay, that is the funniest video in the history of humanity. And is it my imagination or are Mickey’s eyes red in that flower respresentation of him? That’s a little spooky. It’s like…zombie Mickey…Regardless, that’s a really cool picture. What building is that?
    Can’t wait to see more pictures!!! Hehehe…hint hint….

  2. Claire

    Those are some seriously awesome pictures. Worth every bit of the wait. Among my favorites is the one of the girls watching the water fountains. They’re so cute. Hehe…and I love the poses Kathryn was coming up with! She’s so funny.
    Thanks SO MUCH for posting these!

  3. Wow, that looks like awesome fun.

  4. SARAH!!! First – many congrats on conquering the wordpress photo demon. Sometimes I just give up. I can’t believe you got all those photos loaded into one post!! See – I just gave up on my Corpus Christi post and loaded everything into a Picasa album!! LOL!

    Second – what a cool trip all the way around!!!! WOW! It looks like so much fun! I LOVE all the photos – but my favorite one is of Aaron and the Picture Spot – and then the commentary about you and Mulan. I can totally see myself ending up thinking the same thing – forgetting entirely she’s in character!! LOL!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing all those photos! It looks like you guys had a really great time!

  5. I talked to Phyllis today and found out about your trip and was asking about pictures and she told me about this blog. I am soooo glad to see everyone. It took me back down memory lane from a similar family trip many years ago!

    Everyone looks great and the limo was a nice touch. I loved all the photos and your terrific labels and explanations. The ‘happy place’ line had to have been a trip theme, but the real happy place is being with the ones you love and sharing a good time together – so you all actually brought the happy place with you in reality!

    Love to all,
    ‘Aunt’ Sandie

    PS Buzz Lightyear is my hero (too infinity and beyond – to everyone!!)

  6. Holly

    Hey! glad u enjoyed florida i no i do 🙂
    i go almost every year!!
    an exsperiance worth having!!

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