I think this is so sad, the Miley Cyrus pictures.

This poor child has been put into this horrible situation.  I cannot believe that her parents could not protect her better than this.  Some are defending these photos and I can’t even imagine why.  She is not 18 yet and won’t be for ANOTHER THREE YEARS!  Come on parents of America, this is NOT okay.  Protect your children from themselves and others.  Modesty is important.  Shame on all those involved for allowing this to happen.  She is only 15.  Hollywood is obviously no place for role models as almost every single one is turning toward inappropriate behaviour.  I had actually thought maybe this girl would be someone who would be popular and stay mostly clean.  I am only partially shocked that her parents and her Disney reps would allow this.  Yes, I am aware that they have issued an “apology.”  Wouldn’t you if you thought your billion dollar child was about to flush her career and young fans down the toilet?  I had no idea that it would happen this young.   So much for the innocence of youth.

**Edit, photo not inserted b/c I do think it is offensive**

Mind you, this photo is being written about because of her public “clean girl” image and her very young age.  I have nothing against tasteful artistic photos.  However, something that is very nearly child [insert p–n word in reference to inappropriate photos b/c I don’t want my blog to come up in a google search] is ENTIRELY and always will be inexcuseably wrong. 

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One thought on “I think this is so sad, the Miley Cyrus pictures.

  1. The photo made my stomach sick. She’s made BILLIONS so far staying clean. She didn’t have to go this route…

    The form of photo she is in is called an implied n*de. It was specifically shot like that to give the impression of her being naked and then she looks like she has a satin sheet or something pulled up around her, as if she is in bed – willing, available, wanting, whatever – it was not shot for any other reason that to reshape her as a s*x symbol instead of a teeny-bopper.

    It wasn’t a sloppy mistake on anyone’s part. It was a carefully planned career move on everyone’s part. Miley’s, her parents, her grandmothers, Disney’s, Vanity Fair’s, and Annie Liebowitz. It’s probably why A.L. was hired to do the shoot b/c they knew they (all parties in question) could count on her to sl*t Miley up in an “artistic” way….

    The opportunity to be photographed by Annie Liebowitz is very luring for everyone because she’s so famous for her work. I, however, have never understood how a woman could use her art to so flagrantly exploit the lives of other women. (Did you ever see the layout she did for the cover of Vanity Fair when they featured “The Sopranos”? It was revolting.)

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