Craptastic Sams [they allege, FANTASTIC sams]

Okay.  Lets just say I made a mistake thinking that a stylist [who btw, has been cutting for 13 years] could cut a simple chin length bob.  Lets just say that after arriving home and straight ironing the HORRID job she did blow drying my hair that Aaron had to trim some missed spots.  Dude.  I didn’t even know it was possible.  She spent the entire time saying that I had a cowlick that was making my hair longer on my left hand side than my right hand side.  Let me assure you, the reader, that I have dealt with this hair for nearly 30 years now and I have never been told that.  OMG.  I just cannot express in words what a craptastic experience that was.  PLEASE do not go to this salon unless bad haircuts do not bother you.  After having paid $23 dollars I now get to go to another stylist [that I should have gone to begin with] and pay again to have it done right.  SHeeez…  This is punishment for laziness combined with impatience.  I was lazy and indecisive for months on where to go get my hair cut and what cut to pick.  It started to look so bad on a daily basis by the time I decided, that I needed it done NOW!  Mistake.  So this lady who has been cutting for 13 years keeps telling me about my cowlick and keeps telling me that I have trust issues, etc etc etc.  So yeah, I will NEVER set foot in craptastic Sams again.  Please someone remind me if I forget in a few years.  Faithe Weiner is the best stylist I have ever had cut my hair, and it was a mistake to get impatient.  If you live in the Fort Worth area, she is the one to go to!!!!  🙂

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6 thoughts on “Craptastic Sams [they allege, FANTASTIC sams]

  1. Claire

    Ahh!! No! NO!! That’s awful! She honestly told you you have trust issues? What the crap! I’m so sorry! I hope you kicked her.

  2. sarahhall

    LOL, she was a piece of work. I wanted to kick her in the shuddup but I also had the very real fear like you do at a fast food joint. You know, if you say something they may spit in your food? I thought if I went any further than I did she would butcher me on purpose. Aaron had to snip off four different sections in the back b/c her cutting job was SO uneven. I will NEVER go back!!!!!!!

  3. Sally

    A stylist told you that you had trust issues?? WHAT? That doesn’t even make sense!
    Maybe she thinks she’s a psychiatrist and that’s why her cuts suck 😉

    On another note – I totally agree with you about Faith – I have yet to have a bad hair cut from her…some people are just naturals, I guess!

  4. Sally

    ps – even though I’m sure you’ve figured this out for yourself – Faith has told me that most stylists consider places like “fantastic sam’s” and “master cuts” to be the “fast food” of salons…where they only have to get the most basic training.
    I just had to share that…I thought it was a hilarious comparison! 😉

  5. So. This is probably not a fair request – but are you going to show us before Faith and after Faith photos?? <>

    Come on Sarah!! It’ll be fun!!

    No seriously – I’m so sorry. There’s nothing worse than a “bad haircut” than an “absolutely horrifying” haircut.

    Here’s what happened to Hannah after getting her hair trimmed at Walmart once… if the link doesn’t work just search for “hannah hair cut” on my blog and you’ll find it – or look in the archives – it’s dated June 28, 2006

  6. sarahhall

    Okay I love the pictures of your daughter’s haircut Sarah! Too funny! How NOT funny, the person at the salon feeding the idea to her. I have seen that sort of thing happen to my kids too. People unwittingly feed ideas to kids all the time!!!

    I didn’t take pictures of the cut b/c I was too mad. I probably should have. Now that my hair is fixed I am less mad. 😉 I did have them do that to Kathryn once and that should have been a lesson to me.

    Have you seen Bee Movie? There is a scene where the bee keeps flying into the glass window pane saying, “This time! This time! This time! This time! This time!” Anyway, I feel like I do that in my life sometimes! Hopefully this will be the last time I try that with craptastic sams.

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