Our trip to Centerville Tennessee to see the Vaughns [Aaron’s sister and her family]. We had so much fun, but its always good to be home.

We’ve got cabin fever!  My sister-in-law Claire was already singing that song 40 minutes into the trip.  Not a good sign. 😉  Here the kids have just gotten their first surprise pack from mom-mom.

We\'ve got cabin fever! [a 13 hour drive to Centerville, TN]

The Mississippi River bridge with the Welcome to Tennessee sign up ahead.

A couple of happy city kids holding chickens

Kathryn, Mariah, Patterson and Caleb.

During the rainy drizzley times in TN, the boys found playing with these waffle blocks on the front porch entertaining.  Titus and Patrick built a jail house for the kitty cat.  If you look closely you can see the poor kitty inside.

Caleb, Patterson, Patrick and Kathryn working hard in Aunt Bethany’s future garden [they got paid $.50 apiece!]

Buddies, Patterson and Caleb.

A trio of trouble, Eva, Annabelle and Jessie.

Annabelle and Eva, who apparantly love shoes.  I knew they were related to me!

Another time during the persistent spring rain/drizzle the boys [Patrick, Patterson, and Caleb] played “War.” They decided to shoot any blue “federate” cars that drove by.  Apparantly in Tennesse the war isn’t over.  😉

Here starts the fun playing in the rain run off creek.  Note that Jessie is still happy and mostly dry.

Pierce riding the bike through the runoff creek.

Mariah stops long enough to give me a pretty smile.

Jessie fell down in the creek a little, is now wet and no longer happy.

Annabelle and Eva having fun throwing rocks into the water.

Caleb smiling his usual mischevious smile.  Nothing to see here!

Striking a silly pose.

Fun splashing.

Peyton and Pierce having fun.

Doing the long jump over the runoff creek?

Boot dumping time.  This happened so many times!

Moving branches to let the runoff flow more freely.

Kathryn gives me a cute smile.  Note that she is still mostly dry too.

Sweet little Annabelle.  Could she be more darling??

Patrick riding the bike through the water.

Patrick stopping long enough to give me a cute smile.  We miss you mom-mom!!

Clearly another mischevious boy…  Titus is a cutie!


Looks like the bucket boat got the better of him!

Cute Patterson.

Riding downstream in the bucket boat!  What fun!

A still mostly dry Patterson forging upstream

What a cute baby Samuel, braving the drizzle to come play!

Caleb and Kathryn forging upstream.

Pierce pushing “Admiral Peyton” around in another bucket boat.

Bucket boat wins again!  Or was Patterson somehow involved…

Sweet Eva.

Admiral Peyton rowing with a shingle oar… 

Caution:  boys at play in a very fun runoff stream!

Buddies Patrick, Caleb and Patterson.

Very cold and mostly wet Vaughn children trying to pose for a cute picture.

A happily mostly dry Jessie comes back out to play.  This time she is content to just throw rocks in the stream without walking through it. 

Having fun, throwing rocks in.

Giving mommy a cute smile.  [man, am I loving mom-mom’s Nikon]

Here is Uncle Paul helping Kathryn learn to milk a cow.  When it was Aunt Claire’s turn to try, Kathryn promptly said, “If you want Aunt Claire, I can show you how to do it.”

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4 thoughts on “Our trip to Centerville Tennessee to see the Vaughns [Aaron’s sister and her family]. We had so much fun, but its always good to be home.

  1. HOW FUN! I’m sure you enjoyed your time spent with your family – and the car ride there and back. too. No doubt.

    Thanks for posting the pictures! They really are great photos – what kind of Nikon were you shooting? We have a little Fuji that I use around the house, but we also have a Nikon D70 that Royce bought a few years ago. He’s going to teach me to use it sometime, but it’s a little overwhelming. It’s a digital but it takes photos like a regular camera with a shutter release – so you can take photos faster, etc. It’s really fun to use and the photos come out so much better than with the little Fuji S5000.

    Anyway – love the photos. When I was little we lived on my Grandparents farm. Those were the best years of our lives. Wish we could have bought the property several years ago when my Grandmother was forced to sell. But it wasn’t meant to be. God had other plans. Thank Goodness. I would hate to see me trying to milk a cow and I KNOW I would have had the bright idea to try that whole Agrarian life. I’d have ended up a single mom, with 4 kids, and a cow. LOL!!

  2. sarahhall

    I know what you mean! Visiting was so much fun for us all, but we are also very happy city folk. I too would end up single with the farm, etc. and kids b/c my husband is allergic to outdoors.

    The camera is a Nikon D70. If you have one and aren’t using it than I’m just not sure we can be friends anymore. 😉 Find out where the program button is on that thing and start firing away. Let it do the work and you can learn to finess it in time. I feel like the most fun mode to play with is aperature mode b/c you can play with depth of field.

    For all our sakes [camera lovers world ’round] pick up that D70, put on on program and USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. The Nikon’s are good camera, but I’ll always be a Canon person myself. Maybe that’s because I’ve been using canon since I was 8, but my 30D and $4k in lenses are serving me well 🙂
    Those are great pictures of the whole clan getting some good wet fun in!

  4. HAHAHAHA Sarah – Royce just said, “Oh yeah – the program mode is really easy to use.” OK and he’s JUST NOW telling me this?? He’s had the camera for over a year now…. **rolling my eyes**

    We are going to Port Aransas on Saturday morning to experience SandFest and we are def. taking the D70 and I am going to force Royce to show me how to use it. 🙂 I told him our friendship was on the line. hahahaha

    Brian – Royce said, “Yeah…$4k in lenses…yeah…I wouldn’t change cameras either!”

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