Easter fun with the King family! 2008

The way Caleb is hugging this bunny, you’d think he thought the Easter eggs came from the bunny.  Maybe he thought a good solid hug would squeeze another one out?  Lol.


My grandmother [Jessie] and her great-grandaughter Jessie.  So cute!


Fun talking.


Hello, whats this?  The seven year old [Will] has the camera?  I suspect mischief is afoot!


 Belly button pictures!  The hilarity!


Meanwhile… this is how the girls behave…. lol.


 Cousin Lauren, cute as can be!


 The fam, hanging out… talking… having fun.


Caleb really wanted his picture taken and he REALLY liked the happy Easter sign.


Uncle David and nephew Caleb.


You know, I should have taken a photo of the dessert table(s).  They chose the lollipops over all the decadent desserts.  That was some seriously good flan that they had.


Awww…. so pretty!!


Another pretty picture of the girls.  I love these dresses!


I’m not sure why she is leaning back that far?


I guess my kids really like to hug Easter bunnies?  It was too cute, she hugged these shorter, inanimate bunnies several times but wanted nothing to do with the Easter bunny walking around.  She would wave from the other side of the table and say hi, but no more. 


 Being cute for Easter pictures… [Caleb and Wes]


Will and Wes


 The more honest side of boys. [Caleb, Will, and Wes]


What can I say?  A two year old curly haired girl coming down the steps with a gerber daisy and a poofy pink dress…


More chit-chat on the way out.


My cute little mamasita!


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4 thoughts on “Easter fun with the King family! 2008

  1. Claire

    Those are some seriously cute pictures! I’m especially fond of Jessie’s random bunny hugging!

  2. sarahhall

    She was cracking me up! I have at least five photos of her hugging the bunny, and there were severel other random huggings! Two year olds… ;o)

  3. Sarah! I’m totally jealous of your Easter party!!! Can I come next year? I’ll totally buy a dress for that event! And even for the girls too! How fun!

  4. Oh and your kids are SOOOO CUTE!!!!!

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