Trinity park

Fort Worth, Texas  76123 
Wind: S at 17 mph
Humidity: 21%
76° | 53°

The above weather report is for everyone that doesn’t live here.  Today has been beyond gorgeous. 

We have had a fun day so far.  We had a pizza picnic at Trinity Park today.  It was great fun.  I brought an old sheet as a picnic blanket [turned table cloth because there were plenty of nice picnic benches] but because of the wind it was more like a parachute that kept blowing everyone’s pizza plates and juice cups off the otherwise stable concrete table.  The kids had a blast and we all got our daily vitamin D dose.  Whee!  I’m just glad its naptime now.  ;o)

Also, on a more interesting note I had a weird experience before leaving.  I stopped to find out how much the little train costs.  There was a lady behind the counter who was trying to tell me the details but this weird man kept interrupting.  He felt it imperative that I turn around and see that the train is coming.  He wouldn’t stop saying it while I was trying to get information from the lady behind the counter.  Finally after him saying about how the train is coming [for about the seventh time] and if I would just turn around that I could see it, I couldn’t handle it anymore.  It was like some surreal toddler moment.  I turned and looked at him and said, “Oh, the train is coming.  Thats nice.”  And continued getting information from the lady.  It was so odd, I just knew if I didn’t acknowledge and repeat what he was saying that he wouldn’t stop.  Bizarre.  And a little funny.

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One thought on “Trinity park

  1. Jennifer Arbo

    Aww! That sounds like so much fun!!

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