My life, the progression.

Well, interestingly enough since I am almost 30 I know a thing or two for myself.  I am truly enjoying getting older so far.  I am excited because it looks like I am going to Liberty University online to finish my bachelor’s degree [about 30 hours of coursework].  For anyone who has not searched out and applied to a myriad of online universites such as I have, Liberty is the least expensive.  I am excited to finish my degree and probably go teach at the private school where my children will start going in the fall.

You know, I have a great deal of friends and through them an even greater understanding of how many Christian worldviews are out there.  Whew.  It can get downright bothersome out there.  But you know, the one thing I am really going to try to avoid is claiming that I have the exclusive path to walking “correctly” with God.  There are so many many things that He did not specifically say in Scripture in black and white.  I think there is a pretty good reason for that, don’t you?

It seems that we were left with two commandments.  We are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind.  We are also to love our neighbor as ourself.

Why do so many Christians think that beyond that they can impose their particular brand on another?  I have no earthly idea.  Its funny though, I have seen it from the Charismatic folk and also from these reformed Calvanist people [or whatever they are supposed to be called].

Does anyone find it really really bizarre to even remotely pay attention to ANY teachings of Calvin when he burned people at the stake?  He also would put sulfur on them to make them burn slower.  I just can’t follow a murderer.

I heard Chuck Missler say once that the truth runs between the banks of two extremes, Calvinism and Arminianism.  I suppose its best to just be a Christian.

The even funnier thing to me is that all these thoughts come to me when thinking about something as simple as college and then being a teacher.  You know why?  Because there are those who think that a woman being outside the home for any reason is not Scriptural.  I’m not sure why this movement is striking a chord in anyone’s heart but I suppose it comes from a desperate need to have all the answers all the time.

The thought of that makes me chuckle.  All the answers all the time?  I thought we were meant to live by two commandments and walk by faith?  I thought He was willing that none should perish?  Yeah, I’m pretty sure those are the things that are in the Bible in black and white.

I’m enjoying being nearly 30.  I am enjoying knowing some things.  Its also helpful that one of those things is knowing that I don’t know much, and neither does anyone else.  I guess that’s why it is a journey.  I look forward to being 50.

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2 thoughts on “My life, the progression.

  1. I love this post. And I really am proud of you for going back to school and doing what is right for YOUR family. In the year 2008. Even the Proverbs 31 woman worked outside of the home. She had to – or her family wouldn’t have eaten. Have you noticed where it talks about how she bought a field? She just up and bought a field! I’m so gonna blog about that. Lots to say in regards to that one sentence.

    Wish I could get a degree in dance online!! That would be SO perfect! 🙂

    I have more to say – as I have been thinking along the same lines lately – I’m glad to be 32 this year. And glad that I don’t have all the answers anymore. There was a time when I did, you know, have all the answers. And it led to a lot of brokenness. Ultimately for my own good, Praise God.

    I also look forward to my 50+’s. I figure, if I knew everything when I was in my 20’s…am starting to understand how great it is to know less as I get older now… well …. No WONDER Grandparents have so much fun!!! One day I WILL get to embrace my childhood again!!!

  2. Anna

    nice blogging Sarah. You and your wise realizations

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