Kelly, me, and David.


The three amigos.  The three siblings.  For those who have not had the priviledge of meeting my brother and sister, she is the oldest, he is the middle and I am the youngest.  They are pretty great.

**edit** David is also handsome, young and single.  Only the best and brightest need apply.  😉

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3 thoughts on “Kelly, me, and David.

  1. *sigh* It’s too bad I’m married already.
    JUST KIDDING!! He’s pretty cute though. You guys are funny – looks like you have a really fun family. Seemingly normal. I don’t know what that’s like. My family is the sum of all that is wrong in America. We could be the Poster Family for dysfunctional. HAHAHAHA

  2. sarahhall

    Your immediate family is pretty cute! I think there is always craziness in every family. We have it on my husbands side and my side too. My siblings are pretty great though.

  3. hahahaha love it. for all the crazy reasons i can think of – yes – but really – i am starting to wonder if i could ink a deal for a poster campaign with the word: Dysfunctional: Even when the batteries die… somehow the clock keeps on ticking. You know like those posters for Perserverance – Pass it On…. hahahaha. I need to blog that.

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