The schoolwork, laundry and dishes will be with you always… [written Wednesday]

I’m thinking that is in the Bible somewhere.  Probably near the reference about the poor being with you always.

I get to the end of the day and my nerves are frayed.  Stuff, work and more stuff.  Filled with countless interruptions, temper tantrums [some of which are mine], poking, pestering, and whining.

My nerves are frayed.  I’m yelling too much.  I shouldn’t yell at all [from anger].  Jesus help me.  I hate setting a bad example for my kids.  Of course I also hate it when you ask for something simple like go get your shoes on and the six year old walks off to play.  Or flat out doesn’t listen to given instructions for math work.  Time to put on some Norah Jones.  She is very calming.

My ability to parent well seems to go in cycles.  I feel like I do okay for a while.  Like I’m treading water, but I’m making it.  Then a string of events will happen.  It will either be the children [seemingly as a group?] entering into a trying period.  This is when I’d swear they are like the chickens on Chicken Run [the movie] with a list of things they are going to do, just one time only so as to stir up plenty of trouble without actually providing cause for being “in” trouble. 

Or, if the kids are fine sometimes a string of mothering opinions [from others] gets to me and I feel that I must comply or I’m not measuring up.

Yes, I realize this particular blog is fairly personal.  Jesus help me, I can’t turn the Norah Jones up loud enough.  I think maybe the kids are possesed.  It takes the six year old an hour to get two pages of math work done.  No, the work isn’t over her head and yes she has the aptitude for it.

I’m thinking I am going to set a timer for how often Jessie goes into a tantrum [this is a sliding scale for a cry that lasts anywhere from 5 seconds to several minutes cry for one reason or another.  I’m betting is about every 60 seconds is how often I hear from her for one negative reason or another.

I can actually visualize myself sitting on the front porch smoking a cigarette waiting for my husband to get home.  And I actually haven’t the slightest desire for a cigarette.

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5 thoughts on “The schoolwork, laundry and dishes will be with you always… [written Wednesday]

  1. Awww….I’m sorry you had a bad day.

    I think the verse would read like this, if there was one:

    The schoolwork, laundry and dishes will not be with you always, for they too shall pass….but fear not, they shall return, sometimes three-fold, the very next day. Perserverance. Pass it on.


    I love the brutal honesty about the cigarette/front porch visual. And the part about how other mommies interfere with your mothering. I wasted a LOT of years trying to “measure up” to others standards. It just leads to burn out.

  2. Jennifer Arbo

    Not that I am happy you had a hard time on this particular day, but it is comforting I am NOT THE ONLY ONE!! Granted, for another two months anyway, I have only the one, but she can make up for that by somehow being EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING all at once and yes, I too, postulated on the fact that perhaps she is also possessed!! I asked the doctor about when would be good to get her into a day school program two days a week..he told me to wait until she is three….I am holding my breathe for the rest of the year…she just needs CONSTANT stimulation or she throws fits!! Oh yeah, and don’t get me started on the “great advice” everyone seems to have…I think us mothers should make a sign or a pin to wear…unsolicited advice in NOT wanted or you may be SMACKED! I guess that wasn’t very nice, but I am sure you understand!! Love the blog!! I bookmarked it so I can keep up with, as you guys down South say, “y’all!”

  3. Hey, I think having one baby to chase has its own particular set of hardships. Everyone’s brains melts out their ears after spending any duration of time playing on their level.

  4. Jennifer Arbo

    Amen! I mean how many times in a row can I act interested in reading One Fish, Two Fish????

  5. Or dress up… or dollhouse… etc etc etc etc etc ;o)

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