For everyones sake, I’m glad things are better

Well I wasn’t going to post the last post until I could post something a little more upbeat to follow it immediately.  Mainly because I didn’t want anyone to think I had completely gone off the deep end.  Only partially.

Let me just say I don’t think Aaron could ever get enough credit in this lifetime for the amazing husbanding that he does.  [side note: every year when American Idol starts up, my oldest daughter suddenly thinks this is the new career for her.  While I appreciate joyful voices raised in song, I tire quickly of someone aspiring to force all of us to succomb to her “interesting” vocal talents.]  So anyway, a week ago Friday Aaron worked from home because I was completely emotionally whacked out.  Yesterday he worked from home because I was physically whacked.  I am feeling better now thank goodness.

The hardest part for me is to lay off the homeschooling when stuff like that starts to happen.  I think the reason why is because I really want the children to be prepared when they go to school this fall and not be “those poor little homeschooling children who are behind.”  I am fully confident that Kathryn’s reading levels are above average but working on the math, history, science, handwriting [a waste of time] and Bible learning is amazingly time consuming.  The wonderful part is that she likes it.  The un-wonderful part is that she is slower than molasses because she is 6 and her mind wanders and she starts to doodle or day dream or flip through the pages.  I used to do this in school all the time, so I feel for her.

I am going through the 100 Easy Lessons [HA!] with Caleb before he starts school this fall.  He is a very fast learner but AMAZINGLY wiggley.

Jessie has decided that the best way to entertain herself is to cause chaos and throw a fit [on the sliding scale] about anything and everything every minute or so.  She can look forward to spending more time in her room sitting in her chair in time out.  It is the only thing that worked for Caleb when he used to do that.  Funny, as dramatic as Kathryn is I don’t remember her doing that?  Maybe because she didn’t have to put out much effort to get our attention b/c she is the oldest?

Well, time to put the old nose back to the grindstone…  [what kind of expression is that?]  I am looking forward to going to Conqueror’s Club [young marrieds @ church] tonight.  🙂

Does it get better than this?  No, I think not


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2 thoughts on “For everyones sake, I’m glad things are better

  1. Sarah – don’t worry too much about them being behind in school. Really. Take it from me – who very abruptly dumped all her kids in public school at the very last minute. Your kids will be just fine. Even if they are a little bit behind in this area or that – if they are reading at the appropriate level and writing at the appropriate level, they will catch up quickly. I wouldn’t worry about the History, Science, Bible, etc. I’m not giving a blanket – don’t do school with them – statement. But really, seriously – don’t worry about them being “caught up” in all the subcategories – like Bible, etc. Just work on reading, math and handwriting – and they’ll be fine.

  2. “The wonderful part is that she likes it. The un-wonderful part is that she is slower than molasses because she is 6 and her mind wanders and she starts to doodle or day dream or flip through the pages.”

    I read this and laughed out lout….I often have these types of thoguht flash through my head when spending time with Alizee…

    I look forward to her going to school and me trying to remember how to do parabolas or something. i mean, come on, when was the last time you were in a stressful deadline-type situation and the key to accomplishing the task successfully was in how well you could do trigonometry, or how perfect your handwriting is (or even how AMAZING your memory of the ENTIRE bible is).

    I’m sure you’re children are brilliant and talented…

    As young parents in relation to educating our children, i think we can all appreciate whats important in life…

    To quote the great Maximus Aurelius, “Strength and Honor”.

    Have a great day!

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