Christmas Cookies! Christmas is so much fun!

These cookies were actually made at the beginning of December, but another mommy blog [Sarah Walston] inspired me to edit these and post them.  It really was a great deal of fun, I think a new tradition is in order!

Here are the girls [cousin] Elisabeth, Kathryn and Jessie, mixing up the gingerbread cookie dough.  It was my first time, I thought they had a little kick to them!


Here we have all the little decorators:  from left, [cousin] Phoebe, Caleb, [cousin] Elisabeth, My good looking husband, [cousin] Matt, Kathryn, and Jessie.


Aaron and Caleb having fun.  :o)


Note the stocking with the bite out of the toe area.  Caleb just couldn’t handle the cookies sitting in front of him when we first handed them out.  Saying out loud that he was hungry, he then took a bite quickly before anyone could stop him. 


 Kathryn [who has a hard time keeping her eyes open for pictures] and her cute cookies.


Aaron and Miriam frosting a 3-D Christmas tree together.


Kathryn and Jessie.  Jessie kept eating the candy and didn’t really want to decorate or eat the cookies.


Elisabeth’s double decker tree.  Mmmm… candy goodness…


Matthew and his cute cookies.  :o)


This was all so much fun and the first time I have ever done cookie decorating with children.  Everyone had so much fun and we had a “Merry little working song” playing in the backround.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies! Christmas is so much fun!

  1. Claire

    Aww! What a cute idea!! I bet that was tons of fun! The picture of Jessie with half eaten cookies and candy is awesome!! Haha…and the missing toe stocking. Good times.

  2. SO CUTE! I love the part about the kids just eating the candy and not being interested in decorating – we had a few of those last year, but this year everyone at least made an attempt to decorate the cookies! LOL!

    Our kids look forward to it now – even though we’ve only done it as a big event 2 years in a row – I’ve always had a “Christmas Cookie Decorating Day” with my kids – and the cookies, remarkably, keep getting more and more UN-edible….LOL!! It has just been the last 2 years we’ve invited the other families to join in. However, while we had fun at our party this year, it was a little chaotic and I think next year we are going to have it just be cousins only…and make it a family tradition.

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