Did I miss something?

If you have time, I would love you [dear reader] to post here.  I am wondering why Christians are debating the validity of Christmas?  I get the whole history of it but am still unsure why there are those that are bent on Christmas being wrong.  I am fairly certain that it is a time of remembrance of Christ’s birth and how thankful we are for Him.  I am also fairly certain that no one mistakes the 25th for the actual day of Christ’s birth.  It is probably a very good thing that we don’t know the exact time.  I have read that we can guess at it because of when shepherds would take their flock around, and in which seasons they do so.

So my question is this, when did a time of remembrance become wrong?  It seems that the Bible itself is filled with folks making pillars, altars, monuments and days of celebration for the sake of remembrance. 

And yes, I have heard the sad and hollow arguement of how we should remember this always every day throughout the year and not set aside a day for Christmas or Easter or Fourth of July or what have you.  I find it interesting that is okay to celebrate Thanksgiving.  People, this is too odd.

I’m finished with my soap box now.  Another thing I am curious about is how many of y’all know folks like this?  I am wondering how widespread this scrooge-y attitude is.  Comment if you have time!  :o)

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One thought on “Did I miss something?

  1. Sarah – I’m not sure I understand, exactly, what is wrong with remembering Christ’s birthday either. I think the bottom line argument from “their side” is that it is not a God-instituted Holy Day. But neither is Thanksgiving. Nor the 4th of July. Those are man-made holidays celebrating God’s Providential Hand in the formation of the US – if you are a Christian. Or they are secular holidays that celebrate our independence. This line of thinking is more in line with the Jehovah Witness cult than Christianity. Can we not thank God for His providential hand in the birth of Christ?

    The Jews remembered God’s hand of Providence in the Feast of Lights. Jesus was a Jew and He participated in this CULTURAL yet not God-implemented (Channakuh is NOT a Biblical Feast) celebration. If He is our role model, does it not serve to suggest that perhaps God never condemns anyone for participating in healthy, happy, God-honoring, albeit not God-implemented, holidays? God gave us the ability to create and maintain our own sense of Culture – its the creative element in our spirit that HE gave us – if we Christians want to celebrate the most important part of our heritage – the coming of the Messiah – why would God condemn that? Aren’t we, in essence, celebrating all that God has done for us??

    That’s what we teach the kids about Christmas anyway. Why give gifts at Christmas? Because it’s a CELEBRATION! The gifts are an extension of our love for our children – just as the gift of Christ was an extension of God’s love for us.

    I know TONS of folks like this. I used to go to a church where you couldn’t even say the word Christmas. It was a dirty word. So was Easter. I’m not joking. I remember one year – I was so excited – because Christmas fell on a Sunday – and I thought FOR SURE we’d sing some Christmas centered hymns. Nope. Not a single mention of the birth of Christ.

    Oddly…this same person who ran this church …. also runs a very successful home school catalog/internet company and he produces a new catalog each year right before Christmas and runs specials all during the month of December and even has a banner on his website the entire month telling you when you have to place your order by which date to ENSURE “December 24th” delivery! Never uses the word “Christmas” but it seems very hypocritical to me!

    Oh, additionally, many of the people who have forsaken Christmas have adopted the belief that they have been called to celebrate the Jewish feasts. While I believe it is important to teach the Jewish feasts to our children – so they can understand the culture to which we are grafted into – from which Jesus came from – I don’t believe that as a Gentile I am commanded to become a Jew – no more than God would ask the Jew to become a Gentile and take on the culture of the Gentiles! God honors our cultural differences, because, like I said, they are an extension of our personalities – of the different Tribes really – which were all implemented by Him anyway!

    There is another argument – that the church, as a corporate form of worship, can not condone Christmas b/c it is not a God ordained holy day – but that individual families are free to celebrate any thing they wish. In all fairness, that was the official position that the oppressive church we attended for years took – from the pulpit. A very “politically correct” position really – as not to alienate anyone. But you just couldn’t talk about your Christmas plans – and … really – true story – you couldn’t invite certain people over to your house while you had Christmas decorations up b/c it would “confuse the children and plant seeds of discontent” — no …. not joking….that was a real conversation with several people!!!


    I’m not really big into Christmas decorations and all that jazz….but we do enjoy it as a holy day we set aside to reflect on Christs birth. I love the way our church celebrates it – all month long! We even have a manger set up and have caroling at the manger on Christmas Eve for those who want to participate. It’s a fantastic church. I should blog more about it – it’s more “family friendly and multi generational” than ANY of the “homeschooling” churches we’ve attended!!

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