Kid funnies

Okay, here are a few of the latest kid funnies…

Aaron and Caleb are putting the Christmas lights on the outside of the house.  Aaron is on the roof and Caleb is on the ground feeding the line to him.  Aaron says to Caleb, “Hey Caleb.  If I fall off this roof, will you catch me?”  Caleb says matter of factly, “No, you will just die.”

Kathryn is riding home from picking up Kincaids burgers with my mom.  Apparantly she has been nonstop chattering [like always] the whole way home.  When they are a few minutes from home Kathryn has a few moments of silence.  She then points this out to my mother and continues talking so as to enlighten my mother that she has had intimate time with God.  She tells my mother that God has just told her that they are going to have dessert after dinner.  For the rest of the trip [a couple of minutes] she describes the dessert, etc etc.

We are at Chick-Fil-A getting lunch and they let you trade your kids meal toys for a small serving of soft serve ice cream.  Caleb is standing in line to trade his and came back much faster than Kathryn had a few minutes earlier.  We asked him who helped him and after pressing him for details he describes the lady’s shirt and then says, “You know, the one with polka dots on her face.”  [Aaron and I were almost losing it laughing at this point because that was his five year old way of describing very bad acne].

Matthew Haygood had a necessary surgery this past Friday and as he was coming out from under the anesthesia he told Miriam some silly stuff.  Among it was a suggestion.  After he realized that they had cut him and he didn’t feel a thing he said that he thought they should have done that for Kathryn when she got her ears pierced.  Apparantly she made quite an impression on all the young Haygoods that day.

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2 thoughts on “Kid funnies

  1. ROFLOL!!!!!


    These are all the things that our mothers tell us to “write that down or you’ll forget!” and I wish I would have had a blog when my kids were all little because there were a hundred thousand funny things said everyday that were said everyday and … I miss those times!! LOL!! Now they are all big and, while they are still fun and cute, it’s just not the same…


  2. sarahhall

    I know! My parents are always on me about that! I finally started a word document b/c writing it was just too time consuming. I have a few random hand written journals throughout my house but they only get attention once or twice a year. Yeah, the stage where the kids crack us up is lots of fun. Trying at times, but also lots of fun. 🙂

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