Praise Him saints!

MY HUSBAND IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He had to go to Alabama this past Tuesday and be there through today.  It was additionaly frustrating because yesterday was his 30th birthday.  Nothing more festive than a “Happy Birthday” wished over the phone to someone who is working unbelievably hard just to make it home before the weekend.  I am so thankful that he is so incredibly brilliant. 

:: Here’s to my incredibly hot, intelligent, dashingly handsome, total gentleman, amazing father, chl carrying, smart, sexy, well rounded, well traveled, well balanced, from a great family, rich, wealth generating, producer of three good looking kids, and all around superior in every way husband.  I love you Aaron, happy 30th birthday ::

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, while he was gone I had a mild case of food poisoning.  Debilitating, but not hospitalizing.  And Jessie’s drainage has made her start bark/coughing.  Really pleasant every few hours last night.  Also, to accompany that, I had the runs.  Praise the Lord [and I really really mean that] for Pepto Bismol.

A few days without Aaron seems like forever.  A very slow and terrible forever.  Thank goodness my family is so wonderful.

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2 thoughts on “Praise Him saints!

  1. Honestly, Sarah. That was all just TMI in the 3rd paragraph. 🙂 hee hee No one wants to hear about the depressing stuff. That’s the beauty of blogs. You can craft your life to look like a fairy tale so PLEASE DO THAT NEXT TIME!


  2. sarahhall

    Lol. Where is the fun without TMI?

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