The dollhouse that Aaron and I built

Aaron and I got this dollhouse out of my parents attic.  My Aunt Sue gave it to me when I was around 10 years old or so.  I never understood why my parents didn’t put it together for me.  While I was pregnant with Jessie, suddenly I could take it no longer.  We pulled it out of the flat packed box and punched all of the mostly pre-cut [some of the cuts were somewhat lacking in effectivity] pieces.  Then we proceeded, annoying finger burns and all to hot glue the thing together.  It was fun and satisfying.  At this point I can somewhat begin to understand why it wasn’t put together for me.  [laying aside for the moment that I already had an eight room stinkin awesome dollhouse that my sister built for me.]  So then we got busy with regular life.  Getting ready for baby.  Painting the real baby’s room.  Having real baby.  So, two years after having Jessie with us [she is SO cute] I start to get around to the dollhouse again.  I have painted on it some and much to my chagrin realized that they really meant it when they said to paint the wood BEFORE putting it together.  Argh!  I finally finished painting and re-hot gluing [ow!] some pieces back on and here is the finished product.  Of which I am very proud.  And of which Kathryn loves.  [she better]



And a jaunty side angle picture.


So, dearest Mom and Dad and Aunt Sue, thanks for the memories.  :o)

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One thought on “The dollhouse that Aaron and I built

  1. There is a dollhouse that looks EXTREMELY similar to that sitting in a closet in my parents house that was meant for Katie many many years ago…

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