Every mom’s life in a nutshell


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3 thoughts on “Every mom’s life in a nutshell


    I really think the problem is not the child but the fact that you own a telephone. What’s the point with children? You’d think WE would learn by now!

  2. sarahhall

    Hahahaa… Time for a new Christian doctrine! hahahaaa! We must not be supposed to have telephones since the result is kids needing the mom immediately and the mom getting upset. Lol. Impeccable logic, no?

  3. ROFLOL … I was actually going to say, in my original response, that I was surprised you didn’t know by now that it is immoral for a Godly Christian Mother to even own a telephone because it is a distraction to your calling as a wife and mother before God Himself. Eve didn’t have a phone, therefore you don’t need one either. (And still…though…look how Cain turned out! He obviously did not have godly parents!) There is only one true way to be a godly wife, and that does not include a telephone. 🙂

    But I thought of people who might read your blog and end up upset with me for my sarcasm…so I with held, but since you brought it up… LOL

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