Calvary’s Hallelujah Festival

Caleb, Kathryn & Jessie.

Caleb is a cute little bunny, Kathryn is a black kitty cat and Jessie… well… it started out as a cute little bunny.  We had a brown and white spotted bunny named Bailey when we were kids… Thats my excuse.  Somehow she came off looking like the psychotic killer bunny.  Maybe it is her facial expression?


Phoebe was also a cute little bunny.  The dress up theme for the night was either a Bible character or an animal.


Somehow this boy [their cousin Matthew] won the dress up contest.  Now, mind you this photo was taken less than an hour after church started…  I was “told” that he started out with reindeer antlers and a black nose.


Elisabeth was also a black kitty cat.  What a cute almost 10 year old she is!


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