Our trip to the Mayjan [mayan] Ribiera [riviera]

Aaron ordering room service.  [or trying to…. hahahaa]  It never ceased to amaze me that these resorts cater to many Americans and yet the bulk of the staff struggles with rudimentary English that should be common words used on a resort property.  You know, like the word, “bathrobe.”  You wouldn’t believe the bizarre looks I got when I wanted to know how much the bathrobes in the room cost.  The most amusing part was that their was a piece of paper with the bathrobes [folded in the closet of the room] that said to ask the concierge how much if you were interested in buying one.

Also amusing, you see that beige and chocolate brown strip of cloth at the end of the bed?  Typically these items are folded up blankets.  This one is literally a strip of cloth.  Like a table runner. 



Our first night [of three] alone in Mexico!


The beautiful pool.  Too bad the beach wasn’t.  The Mayan Rivieara is a great quiet place to go that is not as commercialized and built up as Cancun.  However my advice to travelers is to make sure to always ask the question why.  In this case, the why was defined by the beach.  The water was black and scary looking washing up on the beach full of tree stuff.  The tree line goes naturally all the way to the water line.  They have manually cleared the beach  but be careful walking on it!  There were MANY uncleared spots througout with jagged edges of tree leftovers sticking up and out.  It kind of nixes a relaxing and romantic walk on the beach.


Ahhh…. another classic example of naive Sarah.  I assumed “ocean view” means that we are a stones throw from the beach.  Literally.  No, no.  It means that in some form you can see the ocean from your room window.  A gorgeous view none-the-less.


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2 thoughts on “Our trip to the Mayjan [mayan] Ribiera [riviera]

  1. That looks fun. It’s always nice to get out and away, even if for a little why.

  2. I’m LOL at the table runner/blanket thingy. THAT’S HILARIOUS!

    Great photos though! I bet you had a great time.

    And wordpress really does stink for photo blogging. I want to upgrade too, but don’t have the time to mess with any of that. I just rarely post photos now….

    Which is really ok because I haven’t taken hardly any all year long…

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