Arrrrgh! A pirate party unlike any other!

Yar…  Almost all of the pirates be in the picture… some younger mites wandered off.  Don’t worry… they were made to walk the plank for their treachary.  [Thats the true story of how Titus ended up at the pond].


This be the cake, made by Claire.  Watch out Duff Goldman!!!


Bucaneer Caleb… soon to battle friendly pirate Matt..


Behold, two eyed pirate Matt… [they call him “Matt the friendly pirate”]


Matt’s not so friendly pirate buckos corsair Zach and coxswain Noah.


Coxswain Noah wears the Jolly Roger but blimey if he doesn’t look set on sending bucaneer Caleb to Davey Jone’s locker…


Avast!  Has two eyed pirate Matt been given “the black spot” by the Brethren of the Coast???  Aye…. indeed we may never know.


Yar… this be the pressgang.  Otherwise holding the innocuous titles of “Grandaddy and Grandmommy King.”


After running a shot across the bow it seems privateer Patterson plunders the treasure booty.  Ye scurvy dogs!!!  A scalleywag in our midst!!!


Sink me!!! He had the map all along!!!


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2 thoughts on “Arrrrgh! A pirate party unlike any other!

  1. Claire

    Okay, your parents rock. That is the coolest picture ever.

  2. You guys are hilarious! I LOVE the cake!! What a fun party!!

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