Recycling… Change an ugly baby doll into the only one that exists!!

Introducing the Ugly Baby Mask.

The UBM was designed to turn those ugly babies once discarded into new exciting toys.  The UBM can be configured to fit any mood or facial expression.

Baby Mask 1

See how the discriminating toddler plays with the old baby doll out fitted with the Happy UBM configuration!

 Baby Mask 3Baby Mask 2


Not for children.  Illegal in 49 States.  Radioactive. Contains lead, phosphorous, alcohol, poison, cooties, and bubonic plague. Drink responsibly, choose Gatorade.  Don’t smoke it burns.  Fight cancer don’t walk it.  A penny is only worth one cent.!

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6 thoughts on “Recycling… Change an ugly baby doll into the only one that exists!!

  1. miriam

    Hey Sid,
    Oh I mean Aaron nice baby

  2. THAT IS HILARIOUS!!! I love the disclaimer at the bottom!!!

  3. HA HA HA HA! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  4. sarahhall

    Yes, this is my husband’s humor!

  5. Beth sent me a site her brothers had for a time – this was a LONG time ago – and Royce and I would laugh so hard at the stunts the boys had videotaped. I believe…in one clip….they blew up a Barney??? Do they still have that website?

  6. sarahhall

    Yeah, they still have and ONE day it will be back!

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