Funny kid story

Notice the fake smile.  I think it indicates fatigue and slight duress.


Here, baby sister wanted to be in the picture.  Is there some reason why she couldn’t do this at the photo studio Picture People?? 


Sillyness sets in…


After a grueling day with the kids [actually not so grueling until I had to go through Kathryn’s ENTIRE closet in preparation for the change of season] we headed off to our nearby heaven sent Chick-fil-A.  Maybe I should post another blog, “Hand-me-downs:  Blessing or Curse?”  hahahaa… just kidding.

Anyway on the way there we had several minutes of absolute silence.  Weird.  I didn’t even duct tape them [just kidding again].  So after a bit I guess they just couldn’t stand it anymore and Caleb pipes up and says, “Mommy, we are being quiet for you!”  I told him thank you.  And he clarified it was so that I could hear the music.  Not to be outdone Kathryn begins to give a dissertation on why they were being quiet and ends with something about so I can concentrate to drive and not wreck us off the road.  I am amused with this b/c I have used this as explanation in the past as to why I cannot do certain things like watch them make one silly face after another while driving.  They stop talking for about 2 seconds and Jessie pipes in.  She starts with this long drawn out nasally type droning voice saying, “Moooooooommmmmyyyyyy……” over and over.  Maybe 10 to 15 times.  Finally after I don’t say anything she says in the same drawn out nasally droning voice, “Weee beee quieeeeeetttt foooooorrrrr yooooooouuuuu….”

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One thought on “Funny kid story

  1. Grandmommy King

    Okay, I love the part about letting you concentrate to drive and not wreck them off the road…how ‘thoughty’! My grandkids are brilliant and sooooooo funny!

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